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January 7th Deals - All In One Place!

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, January 07, 2024 | 0 comments
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Barbie Mermaid Power "Malibu" Doll with Blue Hair, Seahorse Pet and Accessories

Now $9.00 (was $26.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/9SPxyFmuaGb (ad)

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Now $8.99 (was $15.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/a0EUthBuaGb (ad)

Collector Cup for Nursing & Breastfeeding - Saves up to 2 Ounces of Leaking Liquid Gold

Now $8.99 (was $19.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/RlS4lI6uaGb (ad)

4 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Now $8.99 (was $19.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/5tplL0pvaGb (ad)

Kitchen Premium Apple Corer Tool - Ultra Sharp, Stainless Steel, Serrated Blades for Easy Coring - Easy to Use & Clean, Durable Apple Corer Remover for Baking Apples & More

⬇️ 31% price drop / PLUS: Buy any 2, Save 3%. Enter code ZULAY2024

https://geni.us/jtGjNU (ad)

WOOD Bathroom Caddy Organizer & Bathtub Tray Product Holder

48% price drop

https://geni.us/biBUqQ (ad)

8-Panel Playpen for Dog and cat w/Food/Water Bowl, Mesh Exercise Puppy Playground, Pet House Indoor & Outdoor, Travel and camping Pet Kennel

45% price drop

https://geni.us/kXcKNwm (ad)

925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace - Rose Flower Heart Pendant Necklace

Now $17.09 (was $22.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/ihVW8OOT0Fb (ad)

Fun STEM Toys for Kids 2-in-1 Model RC Car Kit to Build

47% price drop / PLUS: 15% coupon

https://geni.us/yImVf (ad)

PatPat Baby / Toddler Causal Fluff Solid Long-sleeve Hooded Cotton Coat

⬇️ Now $18.89 (was $37.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/e5qYQ1DU0Fb (ad)

Premium Quality Metal Lime Squeezer

47% price drop

https://geni.us/hBRv (ad)

3 Pairs Kids Winter Gloves Touchscreen Warm Knitted Gloves

Now $10.99 (was $15.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/wMO0z8RT0Fb (ad)

LOL Surprise Dolls Cupcakes Baking Kits by Baketivity | DIY Kids Toys Baking Sets for Girls 6-12 and Boys | L.O.L. Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Decorating Kit | Kosher

46% price drop

https://geni.us/3FCYpF (ad)

Interactive USA Map for Kids

Now $38.99 (was $70.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/aJkTrlvU0Fb (ad)

Magnetic Drawing Board - STEM Educational Learning ABC Letters Kids Drawing Board - Writing Board for Kids Erasable - Magnetic Doodle Board - Includes A Pen

45% price drop

https://geni.us/qPx2 (ad)

Granitestone Diamond Farmhouse 13 Piece Pots and Pans Set, Nonstick Cookware Set

Now $99.99 (was $124.30)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/cTOOWSxT0Fb (ad)

Growinlove Dinosaur Toy Truck Car Toys for Toddlers, 9-in-1 Carrier Trucks for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Boys and Girls, Friction Power Truck Transport Vehicles with Light and Sound

50% coupon

https://geni.us/MuE2xS (ad)

100% Cotton Comfy Flannel Pajamas 2-Piece Warm and Cozy PJ Set of Loungewear Button Front Top Pants

Now $24.99 (was $35.75)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/FWalPlES0Fb (ad)

DIY Night Light for Kids, Outdoor Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns, Fairy Lantern for Garden Decorations

47% price drop

https://geni.us/AUeAqPb (ad)

Digital LED Body Weight Scale

Now $16.99 (was $49.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/crvsoVTFgCb (ad)

Stone Bath Mat, Diatomaceous Earth Shower Mat, Non-Slip Super Absorbent Quick Drying Bathroom Floor Mat

29% price drop / PLUS: $20 coupon

https://geni.us/rWghR (ad)

High Waist Leggings with Pockets

Now $26.86 (was $50.00)

Walmart: https://urlgeni.us/walmart/PGCw (ad)

14 Sets Teeth Whitener for Tooth Whitening, Helps to Remove Smoking, Coffee, Soda, Wine Stain

Now $6.99 (was $29.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/j7izi3NNgyb (ad)

3D Halloween Pop-up Greeting Card With Envelope

Now $4.99 (was $9.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/Dq4gGONtaGb (ad)

Winter Cute Earmuffs

Now $2.60 (was $10.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/u3jjgACtaGb (ad)

Rotation Vehicle-Mounted Sucker Universal Cell Phone Holder Stand

Now $4.49 (was $8.39)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/spyM4bEoaGb (ad)

Kid's Zone Sturdy, Double-sided Corrugate Yard Sign

Now $5.00 (was $10.68)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/k157fXmpaGb (ad)

Apple Slicer Cutter Pear Fruit Divider Tool

Now $4.58 (was $5.39)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/pWCMxZJoaGb (ad)

Multifunction Adjustable Stainless Steel Can Opener Manual Jar Bottle Opener

Now $4.99 (was $6.29)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/VONTqDBpaGb (ad)

Adjustable Bed Sheet Clips

Now $4.66 (was $8.89_

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/LX2hGI4paGb (ad)

Breathable Magnet Posture Corrector Brace Back Support Hunchback Correction Belt for Clavicle Support and Providing Pain Relief

Now $4.89 (was $12.49)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/AmqhF4spaGb (ad)

Baby Toy Phone with Music & Light

Now $4.66 (was $12.49)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/8rIPOtbpaGb (ad)

100 Pcs DIY Craft Origami Paper for Printer Paper, DIY Arts, Crafts, Paper Cutting

Now $3.99 (was $9.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/E5vhx3SoaGb (ad)

Kitchen Scrubber Palm Cleaning Kit for Cleaning Pots, Pans, Sink and Vegetables

Now $4.62 (was $9.18)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/LFNwI2LpaGb (ad)

Valentine's Day Shirts for Women Clearance

Now $4.99 (was $14.29)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/9PvlCr3naGb (ad)

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

⬇️ Now $169.99 (was $367.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/ssTt1iiPGCb (ad)

Christmas Pens - 6 Pack

Now $4.00 (was $11.88)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/5igogxYnaGb (ad)

Join for just $50 got all the best perks!

https://mavely.app.link/e/kbunvAu8GCb (ad)

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Home+Solutions Motion-Activated LED Toilet Nightlight

Now $5.00 (was $10.97)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/LaAEdOuASFb (ad)

Earn up to 25¢/gal cash back on gas with Upside!

-- the free cash-back app with the largest fuel network in the country.

Did you know... more than 49 million travelers are expected to drive to their Thanksgiving destinations this season?

Between eating and driving - who wouldn’t want cashback for grocery shopping and gas purchases?

https://trk.shophermedia.net/click.track?CID=453279&AFID=302245&ADID=2576109&SID= (ad)

Robo Alive Electronic Interactive Fish

Now $5.00 (was $15.40)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/18wWqRenaGb (ad)

Briarpatch | I Spy Dig In

⬇️ Now $14.99 (was $24.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/jVI1EMe29Bb (ad)

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Under $5 at Walmart!

Hallmark Better Together Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Magnetic Christmas Ornaments, Set of 2

Now $3.25 (was $12.99)

https://mavely.app.link/e/53lFx7j83Fb (ad)

Hallmark The Lord of the Rings One Ring Premium Metal Ornament

Now $3.75 (was $14.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/NDvVCRx83Fb (ad)

Hallmark Harry Potter Hogwarts Premium Metal Ornament

Now $3.75 (was $14.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/CPO5ZxF83Fb (ad)

Hallmark Harry Potter and Hedwig Funko POP! Christmas Ornaments

Now $4.25 (was $17.97)

https://mavely.app.link/e/z7PbU0M83Fb (ad)

Hallmark The Nightmare before Christmas Jack and Zero Funko Pop! Christmas Ornaments

Now $4.25 (was $16.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/CqF85lR83Fb (ad)

Hallmark Nintendo Super Mario Question Block Premium Metal Ornament

Now $3.75 (was $14.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/wMul4fZ83Fb (ad)

Hallmark Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 Funko POP! Christmas Ornaments

Now $4.25 (was $16.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/o694gya93Fb (ad)

Hallmark Star Wars: The Mandalorian Christmas Ornament

Now $2.37 (was $9.99)

https://mavely.app.link/e/B12a9oh93Fb (ad)

Hallmark Better Together Star Wars: The Mandalorian and Grogu Magnetic Christmas Ornaments

Now $2.75 (was $11.55)

https://mavely.app.link/e/6mT8uDk93Fb (ad)

Hallmark Ornament (Marvel Black Panther Funko POP!) - Walmart Exclusive

Now $2.50 (was $10.17)

https://mavely.app.link/e/z22uPwu93Fb (ad)

Hallmark Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord & Groot Funko POP! Christmas Ornaments

Now $5.00 (was $16.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/AbJoNuqs2Fb (ad)

Hallmark Indiana Jones Funko POP! Ornament

Now $3.00 (was $10.98)

https://mavely.app.link/e/s8DBEzD93Fb (ad)

Hallmark Rick and Morty Rick and Snuffles Funko POP! Christmas Ornaments, 2. 0.27lbs

Now $4.25 (was $12.30)

https://mavely.app.link/e/5J5w9AK93Fb (ad)

School Lunches Under $3 at Walmart!

Armour LunchMakers: $1.26

https://mavely.app.link/e/bNgAnSa9jEb (ad)

Lunchables: starting at $1.82

https://mavely.app.link/e/Cl6I8wlZ7Bb (ad)

Totino's Party Pizza: $1.97

https://mavely.app.link/e/aXyAiiFZ7Bb (ad)

Hillshire Farm Snack Kit: $2.78

https://mavely.app.link/e/A7Mf7M48jEb (ad)

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. Lunch Kit: $2.87

https://mavely.app.link/e/NDvJfLh9jEb (ad)

Taylor Farms Snack Packs: $2.97

https://mavely.app.link/e/nB3FxgVZ7Bb (ad)

Shiatsu Neck Back Massager

Now $165.99 (was $399.99)

Walmart: https://mavely.app.link/e/WvbYu1CJgCb (ad)

NOTE: Prices are accurate at the time of posting. Prices can change at any time.

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