Image: Frog | Photo by Kenn W. Kiser, on MorgueFile

October 21st is... Reptile Awareness Day, Apple Day, Babbling Day, Celebration of the Mind Day, Count Your Buttons Day, International Day of the Nacho, Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day/Global IDD Prevention Day, Garbanzo Bean Day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, Back to the Future Day, World Mission Sunday, Global Clinical Engineering Day, Vietnam War Protesters Storm Pentagon, Can-Can Day, Apple Day (UK), Trafalgar Day (UK), Mother's Day (Argentina), I Am An American Day (Florida)

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Image: Ultimate Reptileopedia: The Most Complete Reptile Reference Ever, by Christina Wilsdon (Author). Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books (October 13, 2015)Reptile Awareness Day
-- Every year, reptile fanatics have a day they can celebrate and share their passion; a chance to educate others who may not know about these amazing creatures called reptiles, and the habitat loss and threat of extinction facing so many reptile species. We need days like this to promote reptiles and make sure that these wonderful animals are around for future generations to enjoy.

Read: Ultimate Reptileopedia: The Most Complete Reptile Reference Ever
-- Snakey, slimy, scaley, and sensational! Welcome to the amazing world of the most popular reptiles on Earth. With colorful photographs and fun facts, this easy-to-use encyclopedia profiles snakes, lizards, amphibians, turtles and tortoises, crocodilians, and tuatara. Profiles are accompanied by Did You Know? details and fast facts including scientific name, size, diet, and habitat.

Iguana Warning Sign -- Display this little beauty to give warning to all those that may trespass while your Iguana is on guard duty. Perfectly versatile full-color signs guaranteed to make a perfect gift or accessory for any garage, Man Cave, Wall Accent, child's room, and anything else you can think of.

Nature Temporary Tattoos -- With ladybug, butterfly, other insects and creepy reptile designs, these tattoos will delight any outdoor explorer or animal lover.

Wild Republic Reptiles -- Realistic 5 piece set of durable plastic and PVC Reptiles lets kids spark their imagination.

Reptiles Coloring and Activity Books

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:

🦎 Reptile Awareness Day by REPTILES magazine

🦎 Reptile Coloring Pages – Free Printable

🦎 Amphibian and Reptile Printables

🦎 10 Reptile Study Ideas and a FREE Reptile Printable

🦎 Reptile and Amphibian Crafts

🦎 3D Paper Lizard {Craft Camp}

🦎 Reptile Papercraft

🦎 eptiles Printables

🦎 Reptiles Coloring Book

🦎 How to Build Your Own Reptile Hides

🦎 25+ Awesome Diy Reptile Enclosure

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Electric Light Birthday 1879
- Contrary to popular belief, Thomas Edison didn't invent the lightbulb, but rather he improved upon a 50-year-old idea. In 1879, using lower current electricity, a small carbonized filament, and an improved vacuum inside the globe, he was able to produce a reliable, long-lasting source of light.

Garbanzo Bean Day
- This is the perfect day for us to celebrate the wonderful benefits of the Garbanzo bean.

Babbling Day
- This isn't a day to remain silent. Tell everyone you know about this special day.
You know them when you hear them. They're talking gibberish. They never stop talking. They babble on and on. They can turn a simple one-sentence statement into an endless dissertation.

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
- Celebrates a delicious Fall dessert. In October, pumpkins are literally glowing. So, why not put two of your favorites together.....pumpkins and cheesecake!? They make a great dessert. They are both nutritious and healthy.

Vietnam War Protesters Storm Pentagon
- Some 250 protesters were arrested when thousands of the 50,000 participants in a rally against the Vietnam War at Washington, DC, crossed the Potomac River and stormed the Pentagon. No shots were fired, but many demonstrators were struck with nightsticks and rifle butts.

Toy Camera Day
- Once upon a time, not too long ago, Tomy (yes, an actual toy manufacturer) made a toy camera - the Tolne. Because of the small production run, they became a bit of a legend, and extremely difficult to find.

Woolly Worm Festival
- Wooly bear caterpillars race up three-foot-long strings. The overall winner has the honor of predicting the severity of the coming winter.
Image: Costa Rica Sloth, by Minke Wink on Pixabay

October 20th is... International Sloth Day, National Eggo Day, National See You Next Tuesday Day, Birth of the Bab, World Statistics Day, Mickey Mantle's birthday (1931), Community Media Day, Bela Lugosi's birthday (1882), International Chefs Day, National Call-in Day For Health Reform, Miss American Rose Day, National Brandied Fruit Day, National Youth Confidence Day, National Day on Writing®, National Suspenders Day, The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, Office Chocolate Day, World Osteoporosis Day, Culture Day (Cuba), National Sparkling Wine Day (South Africa), Mashujaa Day (Kenya), St. Conrad Ferrini's Day

More Special Days: National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day, World Toy Camera Day, World Mission Sunday, Mother's Day (Argentina), I Am An American Day (Florida),
Shmini Atzeret

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Image: Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane, by Dr. Rebecca Cliffe (Author), Suzi Eszterhas (Photographer). Publisher: The Sloth Conservation Foundation (2017)International Sloth Day
-- created by Foundation AIUNAU who acquired this compromise on the First international meeting about the well-being, rehabilitation, and conservation of sloths, held in Medellin, Colombia, November of 2010. It was created as a necessity to bring the world of sloths and their forest to the citizens/people as a process of sensibilization towards wildlife. These species are so special, these cryptic and shy beings inspire us and awaken our tender feelings. There is a lot sloths can teach us – respect, tenderness, joy, sharing. Nevertheless, in our lack of awareness, we harm them so much and bring their existence in danger of extinction.

Read: Sloths: Life in the Slow Lane
-- Sloth expert Dr. Rebecca Cliffe has teamed up with world-renowned wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas to produce this stunning coffee-table book that takes readers on an immersive journey through the jungles of South America to discover the secret lives of sloths. The story is illustrated through spectacular imagery capturing some of the most intimate and rarely seen moments, while the narrative reveals some of the latest scientific discoveries and provides fascinating insights into the previously unknown habits of these unusual animals.

Image: Wild Republic Three-Toed Sloth Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Cuddlekins 12 InchesWild Republic Three-Toed Sloth -- Laze around with this cuddly sloth stuffed animal. This slow-moving friend looks just like the sloths you’d find in nature, with long arms and its characteristic three toes. Just wrap his long arms around your neck because, at about 12 inches tall, this sloth is the perfect size for hugging and holding.

Image: Hug a Sloth Kit (book with plush), by Talia Levy (Author), David Cole Wheeler (Illustrator). Publisher: Peter Pauper Press; Box Har/to edition (October 1, 2014)
Hug a Sloth Kit -- Awww! You know you can't resist the cute little sloth! Learn all about the slooooow life as you snuggle this bitty treetop dweller. Guidebook features sloth facts and fancies, as well as an adoption certificate, suggested names, and more. The perfect gift for aficionados of all things adorable!

Image: Schleich Sloth Action Figures
Sloth Action Figure -- The Sloth spends almost its entire life in the trees of tropical rainforest. Its curved claws give it a firm grip on the branches of the trees. Since it always hangs from the branches upside down, the Sloth fur grows from its belly towards its back, instead of growing from its back or head. This allows rainwater to drain away better. Like real sloths, this one hangs from branches!

Sloth Coloring and Activity Books

Image: Sloths Don't Run | Kindle Edition | by Tori McGee (Author), Roksolana Panchyshyn (Illustrator). Publication Date: December 3, 2018
Sloths Don't Run
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Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:

πŸ¦₯ Wild Animal Printables for Kids Sloth

πŸ¦₯ Sloths coloring pages

πŸ¦₯ Adorable and Easy Sloth Activities and Recipes

πŸ¦₯ Sloth Facts Information Videos Pictures and Printouts for Kids

πŸ¦₯ Free Printable 2018 Calendar: Lazy Sloths!

πŸ¦₯ Sloth Printable Mask

πŸ¦₯ Sloth Wants to Snooze - free book

πŸ¦₯ Free Printable Sloth Birthday Card

πŸ¦₯ DIY Sloth Gift Box

πŸ¦₯ Sloth Hide And Seek

National Suspenders Day
- Suspenders look so cool and they never go out of fashion!

National Brandied Fruit Day
- Celebrates sweet-tasting fruit, soaked and marinated in brandy. Enjoy a little-brandied fruit on this day, with family and friends.

Miss American Rose Day
- Miss American Rose is a pageant devoted to high achievement and community service for girls and women of all ages. On this day, treat the women in your life like beautiful American roses, and/or perform a community service project.

Bela Lugosi's birthday (1882)
- Born Bela Ferenc Denzso Blasko at Lugos, Hungary on October 20, 1882. Known best for his role as Count Dracula in Dracula. Lugosi died of a heart attack at Los Angeles, CA, August 16, 1956.

Mickey Mantle's birthday (1931)
- Baseball Hall of Famer, born at Spavinaw, OK on October 20, 1931. Died August 13, 1995, at Dallas, TX.
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Image: Best Friends, by Anissa Thompson on FreeImages

October 19th is... National New Friends Day, Dress Like a Dork Day, Evaluate Your Life Day, Look Back On Your Life Day, Yorktown Day, World Day Against Breast Cancer, International Gin and Tonic Day, National Period Day, National LGBT Center Awareness Day, National Seafood Bisque Day, World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day/World PB&J Day, World Anatomy Day, National Kentucky Day, Rainforest Day, Armilustrium, World Slotting Day, Mother Teresa Day (Albania), National Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Day (Canada), Feast of St. Paul of the Cross, St. Peter of Alcantara's Day, St. Rene Goupil's Day

More Special Days: World Toy Camera Day, I Love Yarn Day, International Repair Day, International Independent Video Store Day, National Fetch Day™, Sweetest Day, Sloth International Day, National Move Over Day, Bridge Day (West Virginia), Hoshana Rabbah

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Image: How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them, by Laurie Krasny Brown (Author), Marc Brown (Illustrator). Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers; Reprint edition (September 1, 2001) National New Friends Day
- Good friends are good for your health. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. Friends prevent loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship, too. Friends can also: Increase your sense of belonging and purpose; Boost your happiness and reduce your stress; Improve your self-confidence and self-worth; Help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one; Encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.

Read: How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them
-- Fun dinosaur characters teach young children all about friendship--the value of friends, how to make friends, and how to be a good friend. With playful full-color illustrations, How to Be a Friend will help kids cope with everyday social situations and learn: Who can be your friend, How to show someone you would like to be friends, How to handle bosses and bullies, The best ways to be a friend and ways not to be a friend, Ways to settle an argument with a friend.

Image: Elegant Signs Side by Side or Miles Apart - 4x6 Going Away Picture Frame for Your BestieBest Friend Gift -- Perfect for your BFF that is relocating out of state or moving away to college. This cute quote will cheer her up, Side by Side or Miles Apart, Friends are Always Close at Heart. These wood frames are handcrafted with the best quality products you can find. They will look gorgeous over any table, desk, shelf... Making the perfect gift for anyone and for any occasion.

Image: Friends Are Like Stars Wall Art Friendship Day GiftFriends Are Like Stars Wall Art -- riends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they're there. Printed on High Glossy Paper, 18" x 24". Great Friendship Day Gift!

Friends Coloring and Activity Books

Image: Social Skills Activities for Kids: 50 Fun Exercises for Making Friends, Talking and Listening, and Understanding Social Rules | Kindle Edition | by Daniels LCSW, Natasha (Author). Publisher: Rockridge Press (March 12, 2019)
Social Skills Activities for Kids
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National Seafood Bisque Day
- On this day, fans of seafood bisque indulge in this rich, smooth flavorful soup. Seafood Bisque can be made in a variety of ways, but it often includes combinations of crab, crayfish, shrimp or lobster, cream, spices, and dry sherry, wine or cognac.

Evaluate Your Life Day
- To encourage everyone to check and see if they’re really headed where they want to be.

Yorktown Day
- More than 7,000 English and Hessian troops, led by British General Lord Cornwallis, surrendered to General George Washington at Yorktown, VA, effectively ending the war between Britain and its American colonies.
Image: Baloo and King Louie, by Edward Russell on Flickr

October 18th is... The Jungle Book Day (1967), National No Beard Day, International Necktie Day, Boost Your Brain Day, Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day/DLD Day, Roseanne TV Premiere (1988), Hard-Boiled Guy/Girl Day, National Exascale Day, National Meatloaf Appreciation Day, National Chocolate Cupcake Day, Alaska Day (1867), World Menopause Day, Newspaper Comic Strip Appreciation Day, World Vasectomy Day, Persons Day (Canada), Doctor's Day (Brazil), World Cravat Day (Croatia), St. Luke's Day

More Special Days: National Mammography Day, World Student Day, Global Champagne Day, Wear It Pink Day

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Image: The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling (Author), Ángel Domínguez (Illustrator). Publisher: Racehorse for Young Readers; Reprint edition (June 14, 2016)The Jungle Book Day (1967)
- A 1967 American animated film produced by Disney Animation Studios. Released on October 18, 1967, it is the 19th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. It was inspired by the stories about the feral child Mowgli from the book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling.

Read: The Jungle Book
-- Since its inception in 1894, The Jungle Book has enchanted readers — both young and old — with its invaluable moral lessons. By bestowing the animals in the stories with human traits, famed writer Rudyard Kipling gives readers timeless parables that teach family values and the importance of community. Featuring stunning, all-new illustrations by renowned artist Ángel DomΓ­nguez, this version of Kipling's masterpiece is a beautiful edition sure to continue to educate and inspire readers for decades to come.

Image: Disney The Jungle Book Deluxe Mini Cupcake DecorationsThe Jungle Book Cupcake Decorations -- You get all the popular figures including Mowgli, Bageera, Sheere Khan and Many more! This set of 13 Jungle Book decorations not only look great on cakes but the kids will have a fun time playing with, collecting and trading these fun figures long after the party is over! These Disney cake toppers will help make any party a great success!

Image: Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Cutout Standup - Disney's The Jungle BookThe Jungle Book Life Size Cardboard Cutouts -- Baloo, Bagheera, Mowgli, Sheer khan. Perfect For Children's Birthday Parties, Special Events, School, Corporate Events, Awards Programs, Fairs, Festivals, Galas, Fundraisers And Green/Eco Events.

The Jungle Book Clock -- Amazing-looking vintage wall clock made from used vinyl record. This beautifully designed, custom made one-of-a-kind Vinyl Record Clocks are handcrafted in Ukraine and imported with care. Not available in stores, bringing originality and uniqueness to any room of your house! Looking for the perfect gift? This clock is a unique gift to your friends and family for any occasion.

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Image: The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Rainy Day (Disney Picture Book (ebook)) | Kindle Edition | by Disney Book Group (Author), Mingjue Helen Chen (Illustrator). Publisher: Disney Press (April 5, 2016)
The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Rainy Day
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Persons Day
- A day to commemorate the anniversary of the 1929 ruling that declared women to be persons in Canada. Prior to this ruling English common law prevailed (Women are persons in matters of pains and penalties, but are not persons in matters of rights and privileges).

No Beard Day
- Today is the day those with beards shave it off for a nice smooth clean shave. Let your family and friends see what you really look like underneath all that face hair.

Alaska Day
- the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States which took place at a flag-raising ceremony at Fort Sitka on Friday October 18, 1867

Boost Your Brain Day
- Time to give a good exercise to your gray cells. Indulge in loads of brainstorming sessions and crack all those wacky puzzles.

National Chocolate Cupcake Day
- celebrated annually in the United States in honor of chocolate cupcakes. Frosted, filled, plain or gourmet style, cupcakes are sweet treats simple to make and delicious to eat.

Roseanne TV Premiere
- This comedy showed the blue-collar Conner family trying to make ends meet. Rosanne played wise-cracking Roseanne Conner, John Goodman played her husband, Dan, and Laurie Metcalf played her sister, Jackie.

World Menopause Day
- calls on every nation to make menopausal health a principal issue in their research and public health agendas in order to help women prevent unpleasant symptoms that can affect productivity and quality of life, as well as reduce rates of osteoporosis, heart disease, colon cancer and other aging- and hormone-related diseases.
Image: Playing Cards, by Sabine van Erp on Pixabay

October 17th is... National Playing Card Collectors Day/National Playing Card Collection Day, Black Poetry Day, National Body Confidence Day, National Edge Day, Forgive an Ex Day, Four Prunes Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Mulligan Day, National Pasta Day, Pay Back A Friend Day, La Leche League Birthday (1956), Spreadsheet Day, World Trauma Day, The Hollywood Squares TV Premiere (1966), Wear Something Gaudy Day, Kan'namesai, Dessalines Day (Haiti), Missouri Day (Missouri), Legalization Day (Canada), St. Ignatius of Antioch's Day/Feast of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, St. John the Dwarf's Day

More Special Days: Conflict Resolution Day, Get to Know Your Customers Day, International Credit Union Day®, National Get Smart About Credit Day, International ShakeOut Day, National Spirit Day, National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day

PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, papercrafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

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Social Media: #NationalPlayingCardCollectionDay #PlayingCardCollectionDay #onthisdate #Todayinhistory #specialdays #holidays

Image: The Collector's Guide to Playing Cards, by Mark Pickvet (Author). Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (March 28, 2014)National Playing Card Collectors Day
-- Celebrates the collection of one of the oldest forms of portable art (circa 1200s). Playing cards are literal galleries of art and inspiration, showing and communicating the intentions of an artist to the public while also archiving the cultural values of their time. Collecting these art pieces allow us to be curators of our own galleries to display. These collections can be seen as extensions of the collector and this day is a time to celebrate and share their collections to the public.

Read: The Collector's Guide to Playing Cards
-- For novices and longtime card collectors alike, here are two books in one: a thorough price guide featuring common to extremely rare items, and well-researched history of playing cards and games. A wealth of mythology, literature, and history is found on playing cards. In addition to classic decks normally seen in the United States, find artistically designed European suits with, for example, Shakespearean characters on face cards. Read about the origins of some of the most popular card games, board games, and the card decks themselves.

Image: Bicycle Wood Rider Back Playing Cards by MaxBicycle Wood Rider Back Playing Cards -- Every detail has been taken care of to make this deck a realistic wood deck made of the best Bicycle paper stock printed by the United States Playing Card Company. The WOOD DECK is a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle RIDER BACK deck using a set of textures to give the cards a realistic wooden aspect. Bicycle stock and Magic (air-cushion) finish.

Image: GAMELAND Super Jumbo Playing Cards (Humongous 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 Cards)Super Jumbo Playing Cards -- These humongous playing cards are 9 times larger than your average deck. Bigger card=Bigger fun! Jumbo playing cards are a fun alternative to traditional playing cards. Beautiful JQK from German design. Great gift for children to learn numbers. These cards can also be used to build a GIANT house of card or card tower.

Image: The Playing Card Frame - 60 Deck Acrylic Playing Card Display by Collectable Playing Cards by Collectable Playing Cards
The Playing Card Frame -- The frame is a nice showcase piece for playing cards. Great GIFT for the magic hobbyist, card collector or professional.

Playing Card Coloring and Activity Books

Image: The Book of Card Games: The Complete Rules to the Classics, Family Favorites, and Forgotten Games | Kindle Edition | by Nikki Katz (Author). Publisher: Adams Media (December 18, 2012)
The Book of Card Games
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La Leche League Birthday
- an international nonprofit organization that distributes information on and promotes breastfeeding. It was founded in 1956 in Franklin Park, Illinois as La Leche League and has a presence in sixty-eight countries

Wear Something Gaudy Day
- this is your chance to really stick out in a crowd. The word gaudy refers to something bright, gay, cheap, showy, outlandish, or otherwise not in good taste.

Black Poetry Day
- The time to celebrate past and present authors like Langston Hughes, Phillis Wheatley, and Paul Laurence Dunbar. Spend this day appreciating African-American authors and spreading the word of Black poets through your friends, family members and throughout the world.

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
- The General Assembly proclaimed this day to promote public awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries, particularly the developing nations.

Mulligan Day
- A day for giving yourself or another a second chance; a day for a do-over.

The Hollywood Squares TV Premiere (1966)
- On this game show, nine celebrities sat in a giant grid. Two contestants played tic-tac-toe by determining if an answer given by a celebrity was correct. Peter Marshall hosted the show for many years with panelists Paul Lynde, Rose Marie, Cliff Arquette, Wally Cox, John Davidson, and George Gobel, among others.

National Edge Day
- unofficial holiday associated with members of the Straight edge movement. The medium of the holiday is the attendance of local shows done by (mainly hardcore) bands who also identify themselves with being straight edge. The first annual National Edge Day was celebrated on October 17, 1999 at the final Ten Yard Fight concert at the nightclub Karma in Boston, Massachusetts.

October 16th is... Global Cat Day / National Feral Cat Day, Thank Your Cleaner Day, National Cut Up Your Credit Card Day, Restart A Heart Day, First Birth Control Clinic Opened (1916), National Learn a Word Day, National Department Store Day, Blog Action Day, World Anesthesia Day (1846), National Dictionary Day, Noah Webster's Birthday, Steve Jobs Day, National Liqueur Day, World Spine Day, World Food Day, National Sports Day, Pope John Paul II Day (Poland), St. Gall's Day, St. Hedwig's Day

First Birth Control Clinic Opened (19116), Pope John Paul II Day (Poland)

More Special Days: Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day/BRA Day, Hagfish Day, Global Dignity Day, National Boss Day/Boss's Day/Bosses Day/National Boss's Day, Love Your Body Day, National Fossil Day™, National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day, Information Overload Day/Information Overload Awareness Day, National Fossil Day, Love Your Body Day, International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating, Global Ethics Day, National Nude Food Day (Australia), Missouri Day (Missouri)

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Image: A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life, by James Bowen (Author). Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books (July 30, 2013)Global Cat Day / National Feral Cat Day
- With your help, the goal is to get 100,000 people to promise to be allies to cats and support compassionate policies that protect cats in their communities. They are rallying people around the world to take the pledge to speak up for the cats in their communities and show kindness for all catkind.

Read: A Street Cat Named Bob: And How He Saved My Life
-- When street musician James Bowen found an injured cat curled up in the hallway of his apartment building, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London, barely making enough money to feed himself, and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent but very sick animal, whom he named Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining that he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas...

Image: A4Pet Outdoor Weatherproof Cat House/Condo/ShelterOutdoor Weatherproof Cat House/Condo/Shelter -- Weatherproof, keep rain, wind or snow out to provide a safe and warm shelter for feral cats. Comes with a vacation balcony, cat could eat, snap, sleep on it or on the roof. It is also suitable for indoor use, the cat house is painted with water-based paint and made of Natural cedar. Easy to put together, all screw holes are pre-drilled.

Image: Save The Birds Stray Cat Cigarette Case Wallet Business Card HolderSave The Birds Stray Cat Card Holder -- Case hold ID cards, business cards or other things. Case can hold about 18 to 20 cigarettes. Metal with two hinged sides. Opens through a side push button. Image is protected by clear epoxy.

Image: Feral Cat SanctuaryFeral Cat Sanctuary -- This shelter is designed specifically for feral cats. Constructed of Cedar a natural flea and insect repellant, open so the cat will not feel trapped. The cat is warmed with a 150-watt infrared bulb in the top covered by a grill to be safe. Then there is a durable heating pad in the bottom. Includes straw bedding heaped up around the sides to insulate the cat. The roof overhangs several inches on all sides to keep out the rain.

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Image: Taming Feral Cats - 10 Easy Steps: Gaining Their Trust and Love | Kindle Edition | by Michael Gorman (Author). Publication Date: December 15, 2016
Taming Feral Cats - 10 Easy Steps
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First Birth Control Clinic Opened
- In 1916, Margaret Sanger, Fania Mindell, and Ethel Burne opened the first birth control clinic in the US at 46 Amboy St, Brooklyn, NY. Sanger believed that the poor should be able to control the size of their families.

World Food Day
- a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger.

National Learn a Word Day
- The magic of words - explore the world of words, share, and delight in the joy of words. Learn one new word every day!

Dictionary Day
- named in honor of the birthday of that famous American wordsmith, Noah Webster. To recognize this special day, look up words using dictionaries!

National Boss Day
- to show appreciation for all bosses and to improve the relationship between employees and their bosses. In particular, younger employees often do not realize the problems bosses face in running a business.

Steve Jobs Day
- October 16th was declared Steve Jobs day by Governor Jerry Brown on Twitter shortly after Apple's co-founder and former CEO passed following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Today is a perfect opportunity to reflect upon Steve Jobs’s legacy.

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