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-- List of today's free ebooks: Olivia: Summer of Second Chances ~~ Rise Again After Divorce ~~ The Last Girl (Sand and Fog Series) ~~ Discord ~~ Sugar Valley ~~ The Lucky Prisoner (The Lucky Series) ~~ Bushwhacked! ~~ Worth The Shot: Bannister Brothers Novella ~~ Honoria and the Family Obligation ~~ Ring of Truth (Silver Script Novel) ~~ Weakest Lynx (The Lynx Series) ~~ Endless Love (Soul Brothers) ~~ Live Your Life Purpose: Holistic Approach ~~ Where Do Babies Come From? ~~ Smoothies For Health and Strength ~~ Welcome Home, Soldier: Military Romance ~~ The Complete Diabetes Diet Guide Book ~~ CAT DETECTIVES IN THE KOREAN PENINSULA ~~ Blue Jellyfish' Dubious Alibi ~~ Let me know if you still... ~~ Power in the Blood ~~ The Luck Theory ~~ Picture Me and You ~~ BORN EVIL - THE EVIL TRILOGY ~~ Wrath (Lieutenant Harrington Series) ~~ Unintended Consequences ~~ The Ruins: A Dystopian Society in a Post-Apocalyptic World ~~ The Advocate: Women of Redemption

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Winter Snow Frost, by Martina Green on Pixabay

December 11th is... Jack Frost Day, National Noodle-Ring Day, International Mountain Day, UNICEF Birthday (1946), Color Motion Pictures Birthday (1908), National Knitters Day, Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day, Kaleidoscope Day, National App Day, Have a Bagel Day, National Tango Day, St. Damasus' Day, St. Daniel's Day, St. Gentian's Day

PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, paper crafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

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Image: The Tale of Jack Frost, by David Melling (Author). Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing (October 1, 2003)Jack Frost Day
-- Jack Frost is traditionally said to leave the frosty, fern-like patterns on windows on cold winter mornings (window frost or fern frost) and nipping your fingers and toes in cold weather. Over time, window frost has become far less prevalent in the modern world due to the advance of double-glazing, but Jack Frost remains a well-known figure in popular culture. He is sometimes described or depicted with a paint brush and bucket coloring the autumnal foliage red, yellow, brown, and orange. Source

Read: The Tale of Jack Frost
-- First discovered asleep in the snow by the many gentle creatures who live deep in the forest, a very little boy with snow-white skin surprises his forest friends by waking up and working real magic! Everything he touches turns to frost, which is why the owls, the magpies, the unicorn, the woodhoppers, and all the other forest creatures name him Jack Frost.

Image: Jack Frost | The Groundhog tells the story of how, for once, Jack Frost became human and helped a knight win his lady loveJack Frost (1979) -- The Groundhog tells the story of how, for once, Jack Frost became human and helped a knight win his lady love.

Jack Frost (1998) -- A heartwarming story for the whole family! Following the death of his father, a young boy is befriended by a magical snowman who turns out to be his reincarnated father.

Jack Frost Christmas Ornament -- Jack Frost in all his frozen glory from the Dream Works movie Rise of the Guardians.

Snowmen Coloring and Activity Books

Image: Jack Frost (1998) | Following the death of his father, a young boy is befriended by a magical snowman who turns out to be his reincarnated father
Jack Frost (1998)
Amazon Freebies:

Free apps | Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook

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Free Alexa Skills | Jack Frost

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Jack Frost coloring page
Jack Frost paper bag puppet pattern
Free Jack Frost Printables
Jack Frost Pinwheel Cookies
Wacky Winter Jokes Lunchbox Printables
How to Draw Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians
Free Jack Frost Worksheets and Activities
Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians coloring pages
Rise of the Guardians™ trading cards
Letter from Jack Frost
When Jack Frost Comes Nipping

National Noodle-Ring Day
- Whether you like homemade pasta or prefer the instant noodle variety like Ramen noodles, Cup noodles or other sorts of pasta, we all know a world without noodles would be total anarchy! OK, maybe not that serious but noodles and pasta are cultural staples for many cultures (i.e. Asian, Italian, cultures etc.)

International Mountain Day
- The holiday is intended to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships which will bring positive change to the world's mountains and highlands.

UNICEF Birthday (1946)
- Anniversary of the establishment by the United Nations General Assembly of the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on December 11, 1946.

Color Motion Pictures Birthday (1908)
- Development of Kinemacolor, where both filming and projection were done through red and green filters. The film went through the red filter and green filter successively, one filter after the other. Smith's A VISIT TO THE SEASIDE (1908), an eight-minute short, was the first commercial film. The public first saw the process in 1909, in London.

National Knitters Day
- If you don't know how to knit, today is a good day to learn! What are you knitting for Christmas gifts this year?
Image: Gingerbread House, by Таисия Слободян on Pixaby

December 12th is... Gingerbread House Day, National Ding A Ling Day (1971), National Ambrosia Day, National Cocoa Day, National Poinsettia Day (1851), First Black Serves in US House of Representatives (1870), Golf Tee Birthday (1899), National Lost Day, Frank Sinatra's Birthday (1915), Bonza Bottler Day™, Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Festival of Unmentionable Thoughts/Taboo Day, National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day, Kanji Day, Miracle of the Roses, Yuletide Lads (Iceland), Mince Pie Day (UK), International Day of Neutrality (Turkmenistan), Jamhuri Day (Kenya)

PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, paper crafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

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Image: A Year of Gingerbread Houses: Making and Decorating Gingerbread Houses for All Seasons, by Kristine Samuell (Author). Publisher: Lark Crafts (September 1, 2015)Gingerbread House Day
-- This holiday is about celebrating the fun of building gingerbread houses, and the fun in eating them too. Gingerbread is used to build gingerbread houses similar to the witch's house encountered by Hansel and Gretel. These houses, covered with a variety of candies and icing, are popular Christmas decorations, typically built by children with the help of their parents or guardians.

Read: A Year of Gingerbread Houses
-- Nothing's more enticing for any holiday or special occasion than an awesome, lusciously decorated gingerbread house. With designs for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and birthdays, these exquisite projects include a cottage, chalet, and two-story house. Options as customized windows, doors, chimneys, paths, trees, topiaries, and even lighting add to the charm. More than 200 helpful step-by-step process shots; informative sections on tools, techniques, and components; and patterns, piping templates, and tips on baking, assembling, and troubleshooting assures magical results.

Image: Set of 10 Christmas House Cookie Cutter Set, Bake Your Own Small Gingerbread House Kit, Chocolate House, Haunted House. Gift Box PackagingChristmas House Cookie Cutter Set -- Even Hansel and Gretel would like this Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter. Why not celebrate the holidays with family by decorating a few houses and giving to your neighbors? Also useful if you're a realtor. Super Cute DIY for All Kinds of Occasions: Christmas, Birthdays Party, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Anniversary Day.

Gingerbread House Silicone Mold Kit -- Bring the holiday spirit to everyone. This set makes for a wonderful gift or gift exchange idea. This Silicone mold set will help you easily create your own gingerbread house with your friends and family. Safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer, and refrigerator.

Gingerbread Coloring and Activity Books

Image: Arts and Crafts Let's Build A Gingerbread House | Learn to make an awesome My Little Pony themed gingerbread house
Let's Build A Gingerbread House
Amazon Freebies:

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Free Gingerbread House games

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Free Alexa Skills | Gingerbread House

Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
12+ Gingerbread House Designs: {Free Patterns and Ideas}
8+ Gingerbread House Templates
How to make a gingerbread house - Essentials
12 Clever Ways To Make A Gingerbread House
Gingerbread House Alphabet Matching Printable
DIY Gingerbread House Kit and Free Gingerbread People Printable Gift Tags
Make a Gingerbread Baby House - Jan Brett
Printable Gingerbread House | The Elf on the Shelf
How to Make Graham Cracker Gingerbread Houses
How to Make Milk Carton Gingerbread Houses in Preschool
Gingerbread House Shape Activity
Free Gingerbread House Worksheets and Activities
Craft a Gingerbread Lighthouse
Gingerbread Play Dough Mats
Printable Gingerbread Treat Bag
Gingerbread House coloring pages

Ding A Ling Day
- Have you heard the song - My Ding-A-Ling? You should brace yourself for bizarre and crazy behavior today, from all of the people you encounter today. Even normally conservative people have been known to go a little crazy on this day. Some people say this is a day for wackos, lunatics, and others who are off their rocker. We say it is simply a day to cut loose, act a little weird.

National Ambrosia Day
- A day to raise the spoon with a dish of Ambrosia salad. Ambrosia is a type of fruit salad normally containing sugars and creams. Some salads can include powdered or granulated sugar and whipped and/or sour cream. The fruits used in this sweet, refreshing dessert are usually oranges, pineapple, grapes, and coconut.

Poinsettia Day (1851)
- These beautiful flowers are recognized as a symbol of Christmas. Poinsettia Day was pronounced as an Act of Congress. It is in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who died on December 12, 1851. Poinsett was the first Ambassador to Mexico who brought the plant back to his plantation in the U.S. He grew the plants in his Greenville, S.C plantation and gave them out as gifts to friends.

First Black Serves in US House of Representatives (1870)
- On December 12, 1870, Joseph Hayne Rainey of Georgetown, SC, was sworn in as the first black to serve in the US House of Representatives. Rainey filled the seat of Benjamin Franklin Whittemore, which had been declared vacant by the House. He served until March 3, 1879.

Golf Tee Birthday (1899)
- George Franklin Grant was the first person to invent the golf tee in 1899.

Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe
- The legend of Guadalupe tells how in December 1531, an Indian, Juan Diego, saw the Virgin Mother on a hill near Mexico City, who instructed him to go to the bishop and have him build a shrine to her on the site of the vision. After his request was initially rebuffed, the Virgin Mother appeared to Juan Diego three days later. She instructed him to pick roses growing on a stony and barren hillside nearby and take them to the bishop as proof. Although flowers do not normally bloom in December, Juan Diego found the roses and took them to the bishop. As he opened his mantle to drop the roses on the floor, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared among them. The bishop built the sanctuary as instructed. Our Lady of Guadalupe became the patroness of Mexico City and by 1746 was the patron saint of all New Spain and by 1910 of all Latin America.

Frank Sinatra's Birthday (1915)
- Born at Hoboken, NJ, on December 12, 1915, Frank Sinatra matured from a teen idol to the premier singer of American popular music. Known as the Chairman of the Board to his fans, he made more than 200 albums. His signature songs included All the Way, New York, New York and My Way.

Bonza Bottler Day™
- To celebrate when the number of the day is the same as the number of the month. Bonza Bottler Day™ is an excuse to have a party at least once a month.


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Image: 30 Office Christmas Party Games Yule Totally Love (Sorry)

Who doesn't love a good party game?

As the holiday party season quickly approaches, you may want to add a few to your itinerary.

Whether you're hosting a party for kids, adults, or at the office these Christmas party printables and ideas have something for everyone.

Engage younger kids with Pin the Face to the Elf, get older kids off of their phones will a real-life version of Guess the Carol: Emoji Edition, and start the competition between adults with Holiday Jeopardy.

'Tis the season for quality time and festive activities!

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