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Image: Animal Microfiber Mop Cleaning Slippers | Get more done around your home with this pair of microfiber cleaning slippers in cute animal shape
What do you think of these Animal Cleaning Slippers?

This is a game - Each day I post a picture of a product and everyone can chime in with their thoughts...

Keep your feet cozy with our cute novelty animal slippers with microfiber fingers that catch hair, dust and dirt.

This slipper is a comfortable and adorable solution for your feet and will melt your heart whenever you look down at your feet.

  • Get more done around your home with this pair of microfiber cleaning slippers in cute animal shape.
  • Allows you to keep your hard floors clean while simply walking through your home.
  • Perfect for wood, tile, and vinyl floors, these slippers feature fluffy microfiber fingers on the soles that grab dog hair, gather dust bunnies and collect dirt.
  • Because of the size and shape, these slippers can go where a broom or mop might not reach.
  • Brighten your everyday life with these fun slippers!
  • One size fits most. Machine washable. For use on dry or wet floors.

Vote below
Good idea - or - Waste of Money?
Tell us what you think!

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Image: Baby boy clothes line laundry washing, by Kaz on PixabayIt's a really special occasion! There is just nothing like a baby shower!

Here are some great free round baby shower labels for your flavor tins, boxes, candles or any other gift you want to give out at this event.

They have designs for It's a girl, It's a boy and It's a Baby.

These free baby shower labels are created in fillable PDF templates.

However, you can turn off the highlight button, open and edit them in any graphic design program you choose.

Click for free Baby Shower Labels

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations Templates
Free Printable Chevron Zig Zag Stripe Baby Shower
Free Printable Baby Shower Kit
DIY Baby Shower: Yellow and Gray Elephants Printables
Free Baby Shower Printables
Sunshine Baby Shower Downloadables

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Image: Boombox stickers decals skateboard skaters, by StockSnap on Pixabay

Do you love stickers? We have added a bunch of new ones for you today!

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-- Updated December 27, 2017

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Image: Free Kindle books on Amazon.comPersonally, I have taken full advantage of all the wonderful free books available on Amazon - all sorts of novels, cookbooks, how to guides, business books, self-help - and so much more!

I have over 135 free books on my Kindle - and there are so many more to choose from!

In my opinion the Kindle is just plain fun to use. Plus it surpassed all my expectations.

Whether you are looking for your first ebook reader or have owned one before, if you love books, if you love reading - you will love your new Kindle. I love that I can find a new book and start reading in seconds!

Don't forget to Bookmark/Favourite this post
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Click here for January 17 - FREE eBOOKS
How I Conquered Call Reluctance ~~ The Waves Break Gray ~~ Gratitude: Increase Happiness ~~ Housebreaking a Puppy and Working Full Time ~~ The Mortis Chronicles ~~ Cave of Silence ~~ Hemp Oil and CBD Oil: Primer on Cannabinoids ~~ Knockout Procrastinating For Good ~~ City of Rogues: Kobalos Trilogy ~~ Music to My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes ~~ 60+ Simple and Delicious Egg Recipes ~~ Slow Cooker ~~ Anti-Inflammatory ~~ The Merkaba Mystery ~~ Bad Sons ~~ The Abalone Shell ~~ THE TRUTH HUNTERS ~~ Wolf Signs ~~ When the Black Roses Grow ~~ Magic of Thieves ~~ Firebolt ~~ Traveler in the Dark ~~ A Perfect Mess ~~ The Kindred Killers ~~ Locked Up

Be Quick! Though books are free at time of posting, prices may change at any time. Be sure to verify the Kindle Price, before purchasing. If you do happen to buy a book that you thought was free, you can return the book within 7 days for a full refund.

Authors: Have your own free book(s) to add to this list? Fill out this form and your book(s) can be added!

Don't have a Kindle? Use a free reading app! Available on your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, PC or Mac computer, iPad, iPod Touch or Android tablet - just grab a free Kindle Reading app. Or grab yourself a Kindle.

  Smashwords Book Freebies - Free books for NOOK, KOBO, SONY and Kindle!
  Top Free Kindle Books
  More free book resources - including Kobo and Nook
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 • Click for even more free books
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