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Image: Kid-e Tag Starter Kit (Emerg. ID Tags)
Kid-e Tag Starter Kit
Give your little one a gift of safety.

A car seat ID tag adds a layer of protection for every car ride.

If you should ever get into a crash and are unconscious or unresponsive, your little one in the backseat will not be able to give the paramedics or police the information they need.

So it's a good idea to put all this information on the side of your child’s infant seat, convertible seat or even booster seat.

You can simply print it out on a piece of paper, and place it inside a luggage tag.

A picture of your child on the back of the tag really helps emergency personal too!


Image: INFANT I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Car Seat Sticker Safety Information
Car Seat Safety Sticker
 • Free TIKE Child Safety Stickers
-- To order the FREE stickers, e-mail OII at with your mailing address and sticker quantity. (English and Spanish versions available). The sticker provides emergency and medical contact information that can be helpful no matter where you live.

 • CHAD: Children Have An Identity
-- As a result of a traffic crash involving a 13-month-old boy named Chad, a safety child identification program was developed. This program encourages CHAD stickers to be placed on your child's car seat and provides rapid identification in case of an emergency. Request your free CHAD sticker here. Select Child Passenger Safety. (US only)

Image: Set of Luggage Tags with Address Cards by Safe Flight | Perfect to Quickly Spot Your Luggage | Adjustable Strap | Durable and Strong | Makes Traveling Easier, Safer and Secure
Luggage Tags with Address Cards

 • Free DIY Emergency Car Seat Labels

 • Free Car Seat Emergency Sticker

 • Free Carseat and Stroller Emergency Labels

Image: Child's Car Seat Emergency and Medical Tag | can be placed on car seats, booster seats or seat belts | as well as diaper bags, strollers, backpacks, luggage | anywhere you need important information stored for your child
Car Seat Emergency Tag
 • Free Car Seat Emergency Contact Information

 • Free Printable: In Case of Emergency Car Seat Sticker

 • Printable Emergency Contact Form for Car Seat

Reader tip submitted: Not valid in Quebec? Try putting in your postal code, but another province instead of Quebec. It is hit or miss, but she says sometimes she gets the freebie - because the post office sorts by postal code, not province. Let your conscience be your guide on this. Click for more quick freebie tips

Image: McCall's Patterns M5410 Pet Beds, All Sizes - includes patterns and instructions for no-sew pet beds in three sizes
McCall's Dog Bed pattern
My PupVacay dog guests have several beds around the house, Denny uses both beds in the living room, one in the office, and the one in the bedroom.

Dexter would prefer to lay on top of a person - if he isn't laying on his bed on my computer desk (He is a little dog, a bichon).

You can make this no-sew pet bed!

This pet bed looks pretty simple to make and needs no sewing at all! Probably much cheaper than buying one, and you can wash it!

Making a fleece pet bed yourself allows you to fully customize the pet bed, and choose the cover, filling and style that suits you, and your dog or cat, best!

Image: Making Ties by Selbe Lynn, on Flickr
Photo credit: Making Ties, by Selbe Lynn
Plus, it makes a comfortable, water-repellent bed for your dog or cat, of any size.

You could buy the McCalls Dog Bed pattern, but it looks like all they did was:

1. Cut out a couple of ovals from anti-pill polyester fleece (Dog Print Fleece or Cat Print Fleece or Petmate Polar Fleece Pet Blanket), about 4-6 inches larger than the size you need.  
(Anti-Pill is a treatment applied to garments primarily to resist the formation of little balls on the fabric's surface due to abrasion during wear.)

Image: Tying Baby Blankets by WVUMC, on Flickr
Photo credit: Tying Baby Blankets, byWVUMC
2. Cut 4 or 6-inch long strips into the fleece all around the oval, about 1-inch wide.

3. Tie together one strip of fleece on one oval to a strip of fleece on the second oval - using an over-hand knot. Some prefer to double-knot.

4. Repeat all around the oval, leaving a space open to stuff.

5. Stuff with Polyester Fiberfill (Fairfield Poly-Fil Premium Polyester Fiber), wool, cotton or even cedar shavings.

6. Tie remaining fleece strips.

Image: McCall's Patterns M5410 Pet Beds, All Sizes - includes patterns and instructions for no-sew pet beds in three sizes
McCalls Dog Bed pattern
Yardage needed for each pet bed size:
Small: 26-inch diameter - 1 1/2 yards (1.40m) 60" wide (150 cm)
Medium: 36-inch diameter - 2 1/4 yards (2.10m) 60" wide (150 cm)
Large: 46-inch diameter - 2 /3/4 yards (2.55m) 60" wide (150 cm)

More Pet Bed patterns on Amazon!

More Frugal Dog Tips and Freebies:

Frugal Pet Tip: Make-Your-Own Dog Toys
-- This frugal tip is a great combination of a dog owner's scent and a dog's favourite toy!

Free Dog Breed Colouring Pages
-- This site has found tons of free dog breed coloring pages on the internet and sorted them out so that you can find so many coloring sheets of your favorite dog breed.

FREEBIE: Don't Leave Me in Here — It's Hot! fliers
-- Whenever you see a parked car with animals inside, place the "Don't Leave Me in Here — It's Hot!" flier under their windshield wiper.

FREEBIE: MyKitten Kit and Coupons
-- Give your new arrival the perfect start in life with the free Canadian Purina MyKitten program.
-- Looking for US coupons for Purina dog food, cat food, pet treats and litter?

How to Potty Train Your Dog
-- Are You Making Critical Mistakes in Your Dog's Potty Training?

FREEBIE: New Puppy/Kitten
-- Did you get a puppy or kitten for Christmas? A new puppy represents wonderment, innocence, unlimited energy, and unconditional love. But that puppy or kitten has needs, and will grow up, so let's find some puppy/kitten freebies!

FREEBIE: Pet Safety Pack
-- Alert people that pets are inside your home in the event of an emergency! Help keep your pets safe with a free pet safety pack from the ASPCA!

NOTE - If any of the above links are not working or the freebies or coupons no longer available, please post a blog comment below and I'll edit it!

Image: Amazon is offering Sample Sized Products

For a limited time only, Amazon is offering Amazon Prime Members Sample Sized Products for just $2.00 – $4.00.

Even better, you get a credit for the amount you paid for the sample - towards select full-size products from the same category you sampled -- making your samples FREE!

For example, if you purchase a shampoo sample for $2, you’ll receive a $2 credit to be used toward a future shampoo purchase.

There is no limit on how many different types of samples you can buy, but you can only buy one of each unique sample.

For example, if you buy a berry-scented shampoo sample from a brand, and you want to try the same shampoo with a different scent, you can purchase both samples. However, you can’t buy the same berry-scented shampoo sample twice.

After your box ships, an email will be sent to you on how to use your credit and when it is received, it will automatically apply to eligible items in your cart.

These credits will expire 180 days after your sample ships, can only be used on items sold and shipped by Amazon and you can apply these credits to eligible Subscribe and Save items.

Shipping is free for all Prime Samples. Prime Samples arrive 3-5 business days after you place your order.

Check out the many samples available!
(US only)

What's Available?
Granola + Nutritional Bars: 36 samples
Coffee, Tea + Cocoa: 50 samples
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Jerky + Dried Meats: 2 samples
Seaweed Snacks: 5 samples
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Chips + Crisps: 9 samples
and more!

Baby Diapering: 6 samples
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Family Dental Care: 2 samples
Baby food: 7 samples

Incontinence: 12 samples
Household Paper and Plastic: 2 samples
Feminine Care: 2 samples
Laundry: 4 samples
and more!

Facial Skin Care: 30 samples
Hair Growth: 7 samples
Shampoo and Conditioner: 13 samples
Sunscreen + tanning: 6 samples
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Skin care: eyes: 4 sample
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and more! 

Vitamins: 10 samples
Weight Loss Supplements: 10 samples
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Nutrition Bars: 37 samples
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Pre-Workout: 12 samples
Healthy Snacks + Beverages: 2 samples
Amino Acids: 5 samples
Post-Workout + Recovery: 7 samples
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They are always adding new samples, so check back frequently!

Image: Free Dover Coloring Pages, Puzzles, MoreDover Coloring Books are a favorite of parents and teachers, and now you can receive free Dover Coloring pages every week.

Do you enjoy children's books?

Looking for fun activities for birthday parties, family get-togethers, road trips, and other events?

Want to save money?

Then it makes sense to sign up for Dover's Children's Book Sampler.

It's totally free and you'll get:

• Free coloring pages, puzzles, paper dolls, fairy tales and more
• Exclusive money-saving offers
• Gift ideas for any occasion
• 5 Star Reviews from fellow Dover readers
• The latest news about eBooks, new releases and more

Click for free colouring pages

NOTE - If any of the above links are not working or the freebies or coupons no longer available, please post a blog comment below and I'll edit it!

Image: free Nail Art Gallery Magazine
This freebie is fun, if your passion is nail art!

Nail design is easy with Jamberry Nails.

You can have Pinterest-style nails, in the comfort of your home, in 15 minutes, for a fraction of the cost of a pricey salon.

Lacquer shine, glitter, and countless designs will make your fingernails fabulous!

PLUS: Their Nail Art Studio allows you upload your own images and design custom nail wraps.

Published 6 times per year, Nail Art Gallery Magazine is a tablet-friendly digital-only publication for EVERYONE who loves nails. Each issue will contain hundreds of photos of the best nail art from Nail Art Gallery and NAILS Magazine.

Click for free Nail Art Gallery Magazine

Sign up for a free Nail Art Gallery subscription

Click for more Nail Art magazines

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Click for more quick freebie tips

Image: Free Kindle books on Amazon.comPersonally, I have taken full advantage of all the wonderful free books available on Amazon - all sorts of novels, cookbooks, how to guides, business books, self-help - and so much more!

I just realized I have 429 free ebooks on my Kindle - and there are so many more to choose from!

In my opinion, the Kindle is just plain fun to use. Plus it surpassed all my expectations.

Whether you are looking for your first ebook reader or have owned one before, if you love books, if you love reading - you will love your new Kindle. I love that I can find a new book and start reading in seconds!

Don't forget to Bookmark/Favourite this post
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Image: Free Kindle books on For a list of even MORE free books
click the Buy From Amazon Button now!

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Click here for ALL of April 25 FREE eBOOKS
-- A Scientific Explanation and Guide to an Introvert ~~ Unforgivables ~~ The Donut Cookbook ~~ Shoo ~~ Happy Marriage Principles of Family Life ~~ Fallen Sun ~~ Confronting Racism, Transcending Duality ~~ Summary of the 7 Best Passive Income methods ~~ Roping the Daddy ~~ Hold Back the Wind ~~ Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon ~~ Vowel Tales ~~ Tales of the White Boar: Richard III ~~ Lei Crime Series ~~ The Baron's Inconvenient Bride ~~ Nefertiti's Heart ~~ Incubation: Green Fields ~~ The Perfect Kiss ~~ Hidden Monster ~~ Since I Found You ~~ Sniffing Out Murder ~~ Partners In Crime ~~ Extinction Reversed ~~ Death at the Netherfield Park Ball ~~ Cozy Leading Ladies

Be Quick! Though books are free at the time of posting, prices may change at any time. Be sure to verify the Kindle Price, before purchasing. If you do happen to buy a book that you thought was free, you can return the book within 7 days for a full refund.

Click here for ALL of yesterday's FREE eBOOKS

Authors: Have your own free book(s) to add to this list? Fill out this form and your book(s) can be added!

Don't have a Kindle? Use a free reading app! Available on your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, PC or Mac computer, iPad, iPod Touch or Android tablet - just grab a free Kindle Reading app. Or grab yourself a Kindle.

  Smashwords Book Freebies - Free books for NOOK, KOBO, SONY, and Kindle!
  Top Free Kindle Books
  More free book resources - including Kobo and Nook
  Free audio books
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Image: Melissa and Doug Shape, Model, and Mold Clay Activity Set | 4 Tubs of Modeling Dough and Tools
Melissa and Doug Activity Set
When my boys were little and money was tight, I often made their craft supplies.

Usually, I made the recipes below and gave the craft supplies to the boys as Christmas gifts!

It was so inexpensive, and the boys could have all sorts of colors without breaking the bank.

Recipes include:
Home-Made PlayDough
Eating PlayDough
Home-Made Finger-Paint
Pudding Finger-Paint
Home-Made Salt-Dough Art
Home-Made Paper Mache
Easel Paint
Salt Ceramic Dough
Cornstarch Modeling Mixture
Vegetable Printing
Extender Base For Powdered Tempera Paint
Soap Crayons

Click for free craft recipes


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