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Merry go round, The Hoppings, Newcastle upon Tyne (c)
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May 17th is... National Cherry Cobbler Day, 1st Merry-Go-Round Built, Sue Exhibit Opened, First Kentucky Derby, Watergate Hearings Began, Pack Rat Day, World Hypertension Day, World Information Society Day, World Telecommunication Day, Syttende Mai.

PLUS - books to read and free printable crafts, activities and coloring pages.

Up and Down on the Merry-Go-Round1st Merry-Go-Round Built
-- The earliest known depiction of a carousel is in a Byzantine bas-relief dating to around 500 A.D., which depicts riders in baskets suspended from a central pole. The first carousel to be seen in the United States was created in Hessville, Ohio, Located approximately 25 miles from Toledo, Ohio on U.S. Route 20 during the 1840s by Franz Wiesenhoffer. Source
Read: Up and Down on the Merry-Go-Round
-- In this rhyming story, children describe the sights and sounds of riding on the merry-go-round.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Merry-Go-Round Colouring Pages
How To Make A Toy Merry-Go-Round
Make a Miniature Merry-Go-Round
Amusement Park (Merry-go-round)
Wind powered merry-go-round

The Ultimate Cobbler Recipe CollectionNational Cherry Cobbler Day
-- celebrates the cherry dessert which was created to allow pioneer travelers to enjoy dessert while on the road. Cobblers originated in the west as pioneers traveled across the country in the 19th century. With no baking capabilities while traveling, the groups had to devise ways to cook the dishes they enjoyed in Dutch ovens over campfires. Source
Read: The Ultimate Cobbler Recipe Collection
-- It is hard to resist the delicious taste of a freshly baked warm peach cobbler. Or the aroma of a hot out of the oven blackberry cobbler. Add a scoop of ice cream and you have a heavenly dessert that satisfies the whole family.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Pioneer Life Coloring Page - Covered Wagon
Fruit Cobbler Recipes

Tyrannosaurus Rex (True Books: Dinosaurs)Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex Exhibit Opened
-- "Sue" is the nickname given to FMNH PR 2081, which is the largest, most extensive and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex specimen ever found. It was discovered in the summer of 1990 by Sue Hendrickson, a paleontologist, and was named after her. The Sue exhibit opened on May 17, 2000, with more than 10,000 visitors. Paleoartist John Gurche painted a mural of a Tyrannosaurus for the exhibit. Source
Read: Tyrannosaurus Rex (True Books: Dinosaurs)
Buy: Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex
-- This hand painted replica comes equipped with booklet containing scientific data about Tyrannosaurus Rex and a figure of a human in the same scale, to facilitate comparison of the size. Sculpted in close cooperation with the Natural History Museum of the Humboldt-University Berlin.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Dinosaur Printables
Dinosaur Colouring Pages
Dinosaur Worksheets
My Pet Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Paper Craft
Tyrannosaurus rex Paper Craft

Kentucky Derby (Sporting Championships)First Kentucky Derby
-- On May 17, 1875, the horse, Aristides, and his rider, Oliver Lewis, crossed the finish line ahead of the rest of the field at the first ever Kentucky Derby. The horse's owner, H.P. McGrath, and a roaring crowd in the stands looked on. Source
Read: Kentucky Derby (Sporting Championships)
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Horse Coloring Page
Kentucky Printables
Thoroughbred Horse Paper Craft
Horse Racing Colouring Pages
Kentucky Derby Coloring Pages and Worksheets
Kentucky Card Derby Game

The Pack RatsPack Rat Day
-- Its really easy to let things pile up. After all, each item you acquire along the road of life may have value or serve some meaningful purpose. You just never know. Making the decision to discard something of even remotely questionable value, is difficult, if not impossible to do. Source
Read: The Pack Rats
-- The Pack Rats had everything - and I mean everything! This rhyming rummage is riddled with reasons to repeatedly read and root for these rats. Over 50 pages of color illustrations will engage and entertain all ages.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Rat Printables
Printable chore lists, schedules, calendars and more
Clutter Jail Printables
Clutter Bug Paper Craft
2012 Declutter and Organize Calendar - gives you a small task to complete each day to help you declutter your life

Printable May 2012 Colouring CalendarPrintable May 2012 Colouring Calendar
- colour and use to keep track of your commitments and social life.

May Icons - These icons are designed to be used as each event is explored. The icons can be glued onto the May Coloring Calendar.

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