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May 16th is... Love a Tree Day, First Envelope Made, First U.S. Nickel Minted, First Woman to Climb Mount Everest, Biographers Day, National Sea Monkey Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day, Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, National Employee Health and Fitness Day.

PLUS - books to read and free printable crafts, activities and coloring pages.

The Giving Tree 40th Anniversary Edition Book with CDLove a Tree Day
-- Just get out there and wrap your arms around your favorite tree, then give it a drink. Watering a tree means soaking the root system. It takes time and patience but the result of a regular root soaking will make a world of difference to a tree’s long-term health. Source
Read: The Giving Tree 40th Anniversary Edition Book with CD
- "Once there was a tree . . . and she loved a little boy." So begins a story of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel Silverstein.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Trees Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets
Trees Colouring Pages
Autumn Tree Craft
Forestry: Tree Crafts

Love in an Envelope: A Courtship in the American WestFirst Envelope Made
-- Prior to 1845, hand-made envelopes were all that were available for use, both commercial and domestic. In 1845, Edwin Hill and Warren De La Rue were granted a British patent for the first envelope-making machine. The "envelopes" produced by the Hill/De La Rue machine were not as we know them today. They were flat diamond, lozenge (or rhombus)-shaped sheets or "blanks" which had been precut to shape before being fed to the machine for creasing and made ready for folding to form a rectangular enclosure. The edges of the overlapping flaps treated with a paste or adhesive and the method of securing the envelope or wrapper was a user choice. Source
Read: Love in an Envelope: A Courtship in the American West
-- When Leroy Carpenter left his home near Tipton, Iowa, in April 1871 to pursue farming in the recently settled Union Colony of Greeley, Colorado, he left behind Martha Bennett, a young lady from De Witt, Iowa. The two had been introduced the previous fall and began writing letters to each other in December of 1870.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Free Printable Envelopes
Envelope Crafts
Envelope Book Craft
Envelope Accordion Book
Envelope Colouring Pages

U.S. Coins Close Up: Tips to Identifying Valuable Types and VarietiesFirst U.S. Nickel Minted
-- The first US nickel coins were actually… pennies! They began circulating in 1857. But as our first nickel coin, the public immediately called this piece a “nickel”-- and so it was, until 1865, when the next nickel coin, worth three cents, appeared. And the five cent nickel? 1866. Source
Read: U.S. Coins Close Up: Tips to Identifying Valuable Types and Varieties
-- Is that coin in your hand the real deal or a clever fake? Discover the difference with U.S. Coins Close Up, a one-of-a-kind visual guide to every U.S. coin type. This handy reference features large and clear images that detail inscriptions, mint marks and initials, as well as thorough descriptions and fascinating coin history.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Counting Pennies and Nickels
Creative Ideas for Teaching Money
Nickel Colouring Pages
Money Printables
Coin Crafts and Activities

Notable Women in Mountain Climbing: Female Firsts Including Junko TabeiFirst Woman to Climb Mount Everest
-- Only a few days into the journey in early May, Junko Tabei was buried beneath an avalanche while camping at approximately 6,300 meters. But, with the persistence characteristic of a true mountain climber, Tabei reached the summit of Everest twelve days later and became the first woman to do so. Source
Read: Notable Women in Mountain Climbing: Female Firsts Including Junko Tabei
-- Explores the women who transcended glass ceilings and opened doors for future women to continue challenging gender equality issues and gender roles in society. This book focuses on the female firsts and other significant roles of female mountain, rock, and ice climbers.

Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
Mount Everest Coloring Page -
Make Your Own Mount Everest Word Scramble
Free Colouring Book: Snow Leopard, the Yeti and the Girl who climbed Mount Everest

The Ultimate Guide to Sea-MonkeysNational Sea Monkey Day
-- celebrates an amazing pet that comes alive when placed in water. Children and adults are fascinated by these creatures, that almost instantly are born when place in water. Celebrate this day by spending some time with your Sea Monkeys. Watch them swim and play. Give them an extra treat. If you do not have sea monkeys, today is the day to go out and buy a kit. Source
Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sea-Monkeys
-- Since 1960, children of all ages have been fascinated by comic book ads featuring the alluring and mysterious beings known as Sea-Monkeys. Now the Sea-Monkey Lady tells everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.
Buy: Sea Monkey Orig Instant Life
-- This basic starter kit introduces you to the wet, wonderful, amazing Sea Monkey world! Comes with Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs, Growth Food, magnifier, feeding spoon, and instruction sheet.
Free Printables, Colouring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
How to Celebrate National Sea Monkey Day
Sea Monkey Quiz
Sea-Monkey Mania Radio Show
Sea Monkey Downloads

Printable May 2012 Colouring CalendarPrintable May 2012 Colouring Calendar
- colour and use to keep track of your commitments and social life.

May Icons - These icons are designed to be used as each event is explored. The icons can be glued onto the May Coloring Calendar.

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