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Winning Ways on Swagbucks 3/4/11

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, March 03, 2011 | 0 comments
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Winning Ways on SwagbucksLast week Swagbucks wrote about the promotion they are running with The Gift App for Facebook. I just wanted to remind you that you still have until today at noon PT (3 PM ET) to sign up through the Swagbucks inbox message they sent you and earn 10 Swag Bucks just for sending the limited time Cupcake gift to one of your friends!

The Gift App is a collection of fun and quirky little animations that you can post on your friends’ Facebook pages. You can add a little message to go along with them, making them a potential source of referrals for you if you include your referral link.

Find that link here.

So go find that message in your inbox and click the link – that’ll link your SB account with the Gift App. Give it the necessary permissions and you’re all set to send the limited time Cupcake gift to as many of your friends as you want:

The 10 Swag Bucks will be credited on Monday, March 7th.


New to Swagbucks? Check out Swagging for Dummies - it will help you learn to 'swag'!

(NOTE - This is not my work - this wonderful Swagbucks resource was compiled by Susie Bear, along with Ashley, Chelle, Stacey, Pamela T, Pamela M, Monica, Kelsey, Danielle, Jade, Sheryl, Delene, Deanna, Kathy, King Swagfred & Jodi)

Patricia posted - I learn something new everyday!


Lots of SwagbucksWithout spending a cent - or even doing a search - if you do everything that I post today - you will have earned 700 Swagbucks today!

In just one day like that, you would have more than enough to get a $5.00 Amazon gift card (450 SBs each)!

Now, if you were able to do all of the things I post in my daily Winning Ways posts - you could earn:

Mar 4 - 700 SBs, Mar 2 - 616 SBs, Mar 1 - 516 SBs, Feb 28 - 335 SBs, Feb 27 - 603 SBs, Feb 26 - 414 SBs, Feb 25 - 275 SBs

Total in one week = 3,459 SBs - or over seven $5 Amazon gift cards

That's an average of 494 SBs per day! So - tell us - how many SBs will you earn today?


Swagbucks Special OffersIf you are having a hard time earning Swagbucks, here are some of the ways that you could win SBs besides searching and finding swag codes! Note that not everyone will have the same offers on their Special Offers walls.

Swagbucks posted - The Living Social Fandango deal has been extended for today! Get 2 tickets for $9! Earn 315 SBs. Check the homepage to access it.

Erica posted - main page on slider> kobo sign up for ebooks> instant 27

Happy Swagger posted - Cheap Home Refinance on Super Rewards worked with minimal information (I didn't enter my phone number and it went to the quotes for me). A quick 20 . . .

Hannah posted - Super Rewards - Play Wheel of Fortune - 7 sb's - credited instantly.
Super Rewards - Play WPT Texas Hold 'Em - 6 sb's - credited after submitting ticket.

Ann posted - Easy 20 on super rewards Get your Free Guide to Understanding Diabetes
instant credit

Stephanie posted - Waiting to see it Tapjoy, Free, "What's Your Jersey Shore Alter Ego?" for 22sb will credit. Found it on my 2nd page of Free.

Krista posted -
1. Radium one --> are you prepared for the flu --> 6sb (enter your email on the box to the right of the page as well as the info on the 2nd page. credited instantly)
2. Radium one --> free daily games newsletter by email --> 9sb (credited instantly after I confirmed in my email)
3. Radium one --> Enter to win a $2,000 college scholarship! --> 6sb

Gabrielle posted - There's another Bing Offer on Superrewards for 99sb.

Leslie posted - Gambit- free- Which friend has a secret crush on you? MyMatch 72 SB, answered questions on first page, installed toolbar, received credit instantly, already uninstalled toolbar.

Pranav posted - there is new video in the video section of gambit of 1sb. go to Gambit >> Videos.


Swagbucks DailiesHave you done your SB Dailys yet today - for an easy 5 SBs each day? Do you realize that makes an easy 1,825 SBs - or four $5.00 Amazon gift cards - in a year's time!?

First - vote in the Daily Poll each day.
Today's question was "Have you used the Chat Bar to communicate with your Swag Friends yet? "

Go in and vote everyday and you'll earn a bonus Swag Buck just for voting in that day's poll. If you have an idea for a poll question, submit it to PollIdeas@Swagbucks.com. If they choose your question, you'll get 100 Swag Bucks!

Then be sure to do the following: NOSO for 2 SBs (No Obligation Special Offers), Survey Dashboard for 1 SBs and Toolbar for 1 SBs - every day!

And then don't forget to play the SB games for at least 10 SBs a day

Then watch Swagbucks TV for up to 75 SBs each day (3 SBs each when the meter reaches 100%, up to 25 times a day). What's your favourite game or video?

If you do all of the above Dailies - you will earn a total of 90 SBs each day. That alone will earn you 32,850 SBs in a year's time = seventy-three $5.00 Amazon cards = $365.00 in FREE MONEY!


Swagbucks Trivia Challenge on Facebook
Folks who play for Swag Bucks will earn between 1 – 10 Swag Bucks per successful round. For the first month that this game is live, they will be awarding a lot of 50 and 100 Swag Buck wins.


Swagbucks surveysHave you checked your Survey Dashboard today? Occasionally you will have a survey to fill out. Four surveys in my dashboard this morning.

Survey #: 70005
Survey Length: 20 Minutes
Reward Amount: 38 Swag Bucks

Hey, I finished a survey -and it paid immediately!

I have gotten a lot of surveys lately, this is unusual for me, but it's not unusual to not be able to do any of them!

Did you know we are automatically entered into a drawing for 1,000 Swag Bucks if we don't qualify for a survey?

Swagbucks holds these drawings three times each day, and you can see which drawing you've been entered in, just check the "My Swagstakes" tab of your "My Account" page.


Swagbucks CouponsSwagbucks coupons earn you 10 SBs every time you use them - so you can save money and earn SBs too! Print them out, hand them out to your friends, leave them on store shelves, donate them to women's shelters and food banks - and still earn your SBs!

Tell us how much you save - and earn with these coupons!
Here's a few I found today:

♦ Save $5 off A year of a Million Moments Romantic Comedy Collection on Blu-ray™
♦ Save $3 off A year of a Million Moments Office Space on Blu-ray™
♦ Save $3 off A year of a Million Moments Young Frankenstein on Blu-ray™
♦ Save $3 off A year of a Million Moments My Cousin Vinny on Blu-ray­™
♦ Save $3 off Twentieth Century Fox Napoleon Dynamite on Blu-ray™
♦ Save $3 off Twentieth Century Fox Super Troopers on Blu-ray™

Did you know that if you put in your zip code you may see more coupons? Without a zip code I found 130 coupons - with the zip code 90210, today I found 169 coupons!


And if you have money to spend:

Groupon DealsEarning Swagbucks for getting GroupOns is a happy double-bonus!

Here's what I found in my Daily Deals today - what's in yours?

$42 for Two Custom Boxes of Organic Produce from Front Door Organics ($84 Value)
That's 50% off! - earn 160 SBs

$49 for Beginners' Course and One-Month Membership with Harness Rentals at Of Rock and Chalk in Newmarket ($126.56 Value)
That's 61% off! - earn 160 SBs

Two-Hour Sailing Lesson for Two at Sail Buffalo Sailing School
That's 32% off! - earn 315 SBs

$30 for 18 Holes of Golf for Two Plus Cart Rental at Rose Brook Golf Course
That's 57% off! - earn 160 SBs


Froobi dealsFroobi Deals of the Day (US only)

Chicago Cutlery 3pc Insignia2 Knife Set
Price: $18.99 - Get up to 134 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

Pulsar Women's Silver Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Price: $29.00 - Get up to 388 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

From their FAQ: You will get a Swag Bucks Rebate for each item you purchase. Buy 10 of that day's item, receive 10x that day's Swag Bucks Rebate.

NOTE - make sure to connect your Froobi account to your Swagbucks account first - before placing an order, or you won't receive your credit in SBs.


What? You haven't signed up yet??

Sign up today if you love free money!

Click to sign up to Swagbucks
(US/UK/Canada only)

I have been swagging since April/10 and here is what I have gotten FOR FREE so far with my Swagbucks:

iPod Touch - 4Gen (for my husband - $255)
iPod Touch - 4Gen (for myself - $255)
Canon camcorder ($180)
Tru-Fit dog seat harness
Petluxe dog carrier
XBox 250g hard drive ($159)
Koolatron electric cooler ($102)
Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator and Garmin friction dashmount ($109)

My Swagbucks also covered all of the taxes & shipping cost!

AND I still have
$135 in Amazon.ca gift cards, and $20 in Amazon.com gift cards and $55 on order. And I still have 1,066 SBs to spend!

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