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October 22nd is...

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Saturday, October 22, 2011 | 0 comments
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- the one occasion when lovers of capitalization can come together and pay homage to the little key that habitually frustrates you when trying to type a lower-case "a." Join in the fun, and make sure to annoy everyone by SHOUTING all of your messages to celebrate this day.

Clean Up the Earth Day (6 months after Earth Day)
- people should have a national Clean Up the Earth Day at least twice a year

National Knee Day
- On this day, all Americans, those who supported the war and those who did not, will come together without rancor and apologize to the Iraqi people for what we have done. It will be a day without politics, without anger, maybe even without words. A day simply to say we’re sorry. And to say it, figuratively or literally, on our knees.

Parachute Birthday
- The first known written account of a parachute concept is found in da Vinci's notebooks (cl495). The sketch he drew consisted of a cloth material pulled tightly over a rigid pyramidal structure. Although da Vinci never made the device, he is given credit for the concept of lowering man to the earth safely using a maximum drag decelerator.

National Nut Day
- this could be the day to honor all the nutty natives in the world. National nut day may give credit to loony birds, daffy people and kooks.
Or it may celebrate the healthy and the nutritious nuts of different types. So celebrate today by eating large quantity of nuts or snacks, or ice cream made from almond and chocolate.

National Colour Day
- Today is all about discovering how color affects you, it is also a great opportunity to put some color in your life! What's your favourite colour?

Mother-in-Law Day
- here's a chance to honor your beloved Mother-In-Law. The source of many jokes, a mother-in-law doesn't usually get the praise and appreciation she deserves.

Make A Difference Day
- the most encompassing national day of helping others -- a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone can participate.

Cuban Missile Crisis
- President John F. Kennedy, in a nationwide television address on this date, demanded the removal from Cuba of Soviet missiles, launched equipment and bombers and imposed a naval “quarantine” to prevent further weaponry from reaching Cuba

Timothy Leary's birthday
- Timothy Francis Leary was born at Springfield, MA. Prominent psychologist and professor at Harvard, Leary became an icon of the countercultural movement in the 1960s. He lost his professor-ship after giving a hallucinogenic drug, psilocybin, to students.

Metropolitan Opera House Opening
- Leading U.S. opera company, based in New York City. Founded by a group of millionaires who had failed to get boxes at the Academy of Music, it opened in 1883.

World's End Day
- Anniversary of the day in 1844, set as the one on which the world would end by followers of William Miller, religious leader and creator of a movement known as Millerism. Stories about followers disposing of all earthly possessions and climbing to high places on that date are believed to be apocryphal.

International Stuttering Awareness Day
- designed to raise awareness about the challenges that people who stutter experience. Although over 60 million people stutter, most people actually know very little about stuttering. This lack of awareness is how come people who stutter may face discrimination, prejudice and at times social isolation.


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