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Do you have a FREE Kindle Book to share?


Free Kindle Unlimited (KU) ebooks do NOT count.

I do check the book price each day before listing your book, and while I know sometimes what is supposed to be free isn't always, if you post your book day after day, or multiple times a day, and it is never free - I will delete any of your future listing requests without bothering to check the price.

I post books submitted on the blog (5.1+ million views)

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Plus our NEW Free eBook Club on Facebook.

Please check the blog, Facebook fan page, InstagramTwitter page, Influencer Pages, and Free Ebook Club on the day your book is free and Like, Share, +1 and Comment the post which includes your free book.

Ask your friends to do this as well! It will help support my work here and encourages me to continue to share your free books with my readers! The more my posts are liked, commented on and shared, the more people Facebook lets see my posts.

NOTE: There is no charge for your book to be added.

While some sites do require reviews and ratings to accept your book, I think every author has the right to be discovered. I do not restrict which free books are posted, unless of objectionable content (at my discretion).

NOTE: If your book is NOT free when I check it before posting, it will NOT be posted. However, feel free to add your book to the list the next time it will be free.

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