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Sorry our Free eBook Club is currently closed.

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  • We only accept FREE KINDLE ebooks, with direct links on Amazon.COM. All other posts will be declined.
  • All books submitted by authors and book promotors MUST be *FREE** at the time of submission! (Kindle Unlimited (KU) does NOT count. NO contests!
  • If you submit anything other than links to free books on Amazon, you will be blocked from the group. No exceptions.
  • If your book is NOT free, NOT a Kindle ebook, NOT a direct link to your free Kindle ebook on Amazon.com, your post will be declined.
  • Any Amazon links other than Amazon.COM will be declined. No exceptions.
  • Your post must be in English to be approved. Translations into any other language as well is fine, but since I only read English, I need to be able to read your post to approve it.
  • If you post a comment on another's post that breaks the group's rules - advertising, spam or books - your comment will be ***removed*** and you will be blocked from the group as well.
  • You may only post your book once in this group! Any future posts about the same book will be declined. (You may 'bump' your post  a time or two, but too many times might get you a warning.

NOTE: There is no charge for your book to be added.

While some sites do require reviews and ratings to accept your book, I think every author has the right to be discovered. I do not restrict which free books are posted, unless of objectionable content (at my discretion).

NOTE: If your book is NOT free when I check it before posting, it will NOT be posted. However, feel free to add your book to the list the next time it will be free.

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