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Fun Deals and Inexpensive Gifts (ALL)

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Friday, November 12, 2021 | 0 comments
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Image: FREEDco Beer and soda Savers | Silicone Rubber Reusable Bottle Caps | Easy On. Easy Off | Rubbery Cap has Good GripHere are some great deals (some even under a couple of dollars!) too good to pass up!

Many also include FREE shipping!

I have compiled this list to help people find great deals on things you want or use every day. I update this list of fun deals and inexpensive gifts deals every once in a while, so be sure to come back and check it out often!

Discover some fabulous deals, share this money-saving post with your friends, and get some great prices on the trendiest products from around the world!


Note that prices can vary from region to region, so the deals that you see may be different.

Image: KidsFunwares TriceraTACO Taco Holder | Ultimate Prehistoric Taco Stand for Jurassic Taco Tuesdays and Dinosaur Parties | Holds 2 Tacos | Perfect Gift for Kids and Adults that Love DinosaursTriceraTACO Taco Holder
-- Thought to be extinct the prehistoric taco holder is back... and ready to carry two of your favorite tacos on its back! Kids love Dinosaurs, and kids love tacos. Spark their imagination and love of both by combining the two! This 100-percent food-safe polypropylene taco holder can handle just about anything young children do to them.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band | A cute Etti-shaped hair band to use while cleansing or taking a showerBeauty Hair Band
-- A Cute kitty ear hair band to keep your hair out of your face, when taking a shower or putting on your makeup. Put on the kitty band when washing your face, or doing a skin care treatment. It stays in place, won't damage your hair, is thick enough to keep bangs/long hair out of your face and it doesn't hurt - even if you wear it all day long!
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: Ticket to Hell Funny Cool Sticker | High Quality Laminated Vinyl | Weather Resistant | Waterproof | Fade ResistantTicket to Hell
-- Know someone that you are sure is going to end up in hell? Get them a ticket! Can be removed without residue by means of a hot air gun or a hair dryer.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: This sign reads 'Changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage' | Primitives by Kathy is a leader in quality and design of decorative signs | friendly reminder to replace the toilet paper rollChanging the toilet paper will not cause brain damage:
-- This sign reads 'Changing the toilet paper will not cause brain damage'. Primitives by Kathy is a leader in quality and design of decorative signs. Serves as a friendly reminder to replace the toilet paper roll. Can freestand on tabletop or hang for wall display.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: Arshiner Women Bear Plush Cat Paw Claw Glove Soft Winter Gloves | One size fits all, Good for kids and adultsPlush Bear Claw/Cat Paw Glove:
-- A necessary accessories for each winter or coder day. Wear them at home, shopping, date with friends, even on working, it will make you are cute, unique and fashionable. Cat paw design makes your cold winter warmer and more colorful. Made of coral velvet and cotton, warmth for those cold winter day
Eight colors available: Black, Gray, Beige, Brown, Dark Brown, Pink, Green, Khaki. One size fits all, for both kids and adults. Great for Christmas Party and Anime Cosplay.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: Savena Squeaky Pepper Dog Squeaky Toy Durable Stuffingless Tough Dog ToySavena Squeaky Pepper Tough Dog Toy:
-- ENJOY BITING FETCHING, BOUNCING, SQUEAKY DOG TOY - Squeaky vegetable dog toy with a funny face. Natural Latex Material is safe for your pet to chew and play. Keeps pets occupied and eliminates boredom. One Squeaky squeeze and everyone will come running. Suitable for Puppy and Small Adult Dog Breeds - Less than 15kg (33lb). 
Assorted styles: Sweet Pepper, Cabbage, Onion or Pineapple.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: moda seya 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool11 Function Survival Pocket Tool:
-- This credit card-size multi-function survival tool includes a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary wrench, 2-position wrench, and a keychain hole. Comes with a pouch.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: MAKIYO Stretchy Black/White Butterfly Cross Back Bra Shoulder StrapBlack/White Butterfly Cross Back Bra Strap:
-- Replace your original bra strap with this classy butterfly bra strap, to give your bra a more sexier style! More attractive than having your bra straps show in your back-less, or low back dress or top. It might not stand up to a lot of wear, but would be great for those dresser events.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: Womdee Vintage Retro Angel Wings Metallic Shirt Collar Tips With Womdee AccessoryVintage Angel Wings Collar Tips:
-- A simple, fashionably effective way to show attention to detail and transform your outfit. You can use these on any collared blouse, dress or shirt, but you could also use them on any top or sweater/cardigan/bolero! Can be used by both men and women. Or give one each to a child, for being a little angel!
But my first thought was what a great way to remember a lost loved one, especially a baby. Designed just like an earring for easy application.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: Girls Vintage Faux Leather Bandage Pen Bag Pencil Case Makeup PouchVintage Faux Leather Cosmetic Pencil Bag
-- Imitating the medieval European small scrolls style. Made from Canvas, this bag designed with letters pattern. Fit for holding your stationery like pens, pencil, or drafting tool like protractors, rulers, set squares, etc. Great gift for teachers and history buffs!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Winter Cute Rabbit Earmuff Ear Muff WarmerKawaii Bunny and Panda Earmuffs
-- Staying warm never looked so cool! Cuddly creatures like Bunny Rabbits and Panda Bears, these fleece insulated ear warmers are perfect for your collection of winter weather accessories. The metal band is also covered in fleece. Super soft, lightweight. One size fits most. Made of 100% Polyester. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you get a choice of which character you get.
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: DZT1968(TM)Women PU Leather Hollow Flower Wide Waist BeltWomen Leather Hollow Flower Belt
-- Simple but fashionable accessory for any casual or formal occasion. Add style to any outfit... your dress, skirt, jeans, dress pants, etc. Length: approx. 100 cm (length including buckle) Width: approx. 6 cm
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Popular High Quality Ladies Retro Classic Nostalgic Sackcloth Coin Case PursesRetro Coin Case Purses
-- These little sackcloth change purses are so cute and handy! Perfect for holding your coin change, cell phone, business cards,make-up, jewellery, keys, etc. You could put little gifts in them like lip balm or nail polish as stocking stuffers. Makes a great teacher's or bridesmaid gift! It is a nice to add to a gift basket, as a "pick me up" gift for a friend having a bad day, etc. Unfortunately though, you don't seem to get to choose which of the four you will receive. Measures: 10cm x 8cm
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: DF Store 2 Pcs Biscuit Cookie Cake Rabbit Baking Cutter Mold Lovely BeautifulRabbit Biscuit/Cookie/Cake Cutter
-- These little rabbi molds are so adorable! They cut cleanly, release with ease and are built to last through years of cookie making. Microwave and freezer safe. Suitable for rice mold, cake mold, chocolate mold, jelly mold, jello shots... maybe even playdough!
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: DDU(TM) 1Pc DIY Bear Cookie Sandwich Toast Bread Pastry Cutter Maker Mold Mould Home Kitchen ToolBear Cookie/Sandwich/Pastry Cutter
-- Do you have little ones (or big ones!) who won't eat the crusts on sandwiches? This makes fun pocket sandwiches, or cookie and pastry shapes! But there will be a lot of bread leftover, something to consider. Also makes a great rice, egg or jello mold too! Fun for parties! No sharp edges, so it's safe for use by children.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Crazydeal Creative Home Decor Toilet Cartoon Smiling Useful partical Face DIY Cute Wall Bathroom StickerSmiling Face Cartoon Sticker
-- Do you have a silly sense of humour? Have you ever wondered what your toilet would look like with a face? Would you love to have your toilet, or kitchen appliances smiling back at you? Who doesn't need a smiling garbage pail, diaper pail, booster chair, or just a smile on the wall!
Use it to remind the kids (or dad!) to put down the toilet seat, or just to bring a smile to your own face every time you go to the bathroom or kitchen!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Billy Bob Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier
Billy Bob Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier
-- All your baby wants for Christmas is this Two Front Teeth Pacifier! Made of non-toxic, colorless and odorless silicone and food grade ABS, but may not be BPA-free, so it's more of a gag gift than something safe for your little one. Adults get a bigger kick out of it than the babies, of course.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Niceroker(TM) Fashion Gold Plated Leaf Heart Joint Knuckle Nail Ring Set of Four RingsGold Plated Leaf/Heart/Joint/Knuckle Rings:
-- Absolutely adorable midi rings, but customers are saying they do run small! You might want to put on a clear coat of nail polish, so the color doesn't fade - and to prevent your fingers from turning green. (It is costume jewellery, after all!) Many customers loved them anyhow, and thought they were so cute!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: GARLIC TWIST CRUSHER, MINCER, PEELER TOOLGarlic Twist Crusher, Mincer, Peeler:
-- Makes it easy to mince garlic, ginger, carrots, shallots and peppers in seconds. Handy little tool, fun and easy to use. Designed to replace the problem-prone garlic press or the tedious hand-mincing of garlic using a chef's knife. No waste of garlic, rinses easily.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Kidz Med Pacifier Medicine Dispenser - Kidz Med PCFR-MDKidz Med Pacifier Medicine Dispenser:
-- Finally, it's easy to administer an accurate dose of medicine - even to finicky infants and toddlers! It's worth it's weight in gold, rather than wrestling my baby to the ground, pin his arms and legs, and getting his mouth open to squeeze a little medicine into him. Only to have him spit it all out again! They should have this little device at every single hospital, ER, or any place where little ones might have to take medicine!
Check it out!  • USCanadaUK

Image: DDU(TM) 1 Pcs Blue Clip Weight Calorie Loss Walk Running Mini LCD Screen Step Counter PedometerMini LCD Step Counter Pedometer:
How many steps from the couch to the fridge? If walking is not something you think you do much of, make your first goal 2,000 steps, which is equal to about 1.6 km or 1 mile. Your new pedometer will work whether you are running, walking or climbing the stairs. March in place while you wash the dishes, or during commercials. Then try to increase the number of steps each week!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Binmer(TM)Fashion Pet Dog Clothes Cat Puppy Pet Puppy Spring Summer Shirt Small Pet Clothes Vest T ShirtBinmer™ Pet Clothes - Pink T Shirt:
Do you have a little pet who loves to give kisses? Who could resist a t-shirt that will "make your sweet heart more cute and charming. Makes your pet more lovely, fashion and difference." Not sure what they mean by "difference"??
NOTE: These t-shirts do run small, so I suggest going up one or two sizes when ordering.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Adjustable Pet Seat BeltAdjustable Safety Seat Belt Restraint for Travel With Your Pet:
Pet seat belts can actually prevent accidents. Most dog/car accidents are caused by a dog distracting the driver. Dogs love to jump from seat to seat or pace back and forth. A dog seat belt protects them... and you! Your pet can still sit, lay or stand freely, yet safely in your car.
PLUS... if you are in an accident, it helps to prevent your dog from flying into you, possibly causing harm to you or your family. It helps to keep dogs confined, so emergency workers can assist you, if needed. Once a rescuer opens your door to help you - your loose dog is likely to run out of the car - and right into traffic . . . or just away!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Godagoda Antique Silver Color Clover Mom Daughter Dangle Beads Fits Charm Bracelet Pack of 2pcsGodagoda Antique Silver Clover Mom/Daughter Dangle Beads Fits Charm Bracelet:
-- Charms symbolize a special moment in your life: a long-awaited meeting, wedding, birth of a baby.
Mother's day is coming up, and here is the perfect frugal gift.
This pair of dangle beads for mothers and daughters might be less than a dollar... but who can put a price on love and devotion!? Pack of two charms.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Tapp C. Premium Soft Chevron Sheer Infinity ScarfTapp C. Premium Soft Chevron Sheer Infinity Scarf:
-- Even if you are frugal, you can own one of these trendy scarves! An infinity scarf is simply a large, closed loop of fabric which can be worn in so many ways. And yet, it can class up any outfit - from jeans to that little black dress! You can tie, wrap, twist, and fold your infinity scarf into a stylish fashion statement, and finish off your favourite ensemble without a thought!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Always Kiss Me Goodnight Quote Decal Removable Art Wall Sticker Home DécorAlways Kiss Me Goodnight Decal:
-- I think this would look so sweet above a child's bed, or even your own bed. Great newlywed gift! One reviewer suggested putting it inside a frame, and I thought, what a great idea! Then if you have to move, or want to rearrange the room - it will be easy to move without the hassle of redoing it again! Some reviewers had trouble applying it, others said it was easy. Some said it was too small, others said it was perfect.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Key Pete Magnetic Key HolderMagnetic Key Holder:
-- Losing your keys before work or a night out is SOOOO annoying! But what if you always knew where they were because your good ole' mate Pete had em' all along...? That would be brilliant yes? Well, look no further! Key Pete is as cute as a truck load of kittens and as strong as an ox!! He's a reliable guardian of your keys, in fact Key Pete can hold up to 30 keys. He holds them with his amazingly strong magnetic arm, while the other arm can cling to any surface from a filing cabinet to a fridge! Key Pete (keep it - get it!? Ahem) is like that mate you couldn't live without. The kind that would call you a cab at the end of the night and make sure you got home OK. Fantastic gift for just about anyone!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Redneck Beer and Soda Can Holster Belt, Camouflage designRedneck Beer/Soda Holster Belt:
-- With this belt, you could turn your beer or soda belly into a six-pack! Be the hit of the tailgater party, camping or beach party, or fishing trip! Or give it as a gift to the guy in your life, so he can wear it while he does the yard work. Or maybe just for a joke!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: FOONEE 8pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set With Pink Letter Print BagProfessional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set:
-- I just paid more than this for just one eye shadow brush! This perfectly pink 8-pc kit includes a eye liner brush, eye shadow brush, brow brush, concealer brush, angled brush, large shader brush, medium angled brush and a blush brush. Made of high-quality goat hair. The roll up carrying case stores and protects your brushes.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Set of 25-Santa's Official Naughty and Nice List Certificates-GIVE ONE OUT EACH DAY DURING CHRISTMASSanta's Official Naughty and Nice List Certificates:
-- Keep your children in check during the stressful Holiday Season by letting them know Santa is always watching. (When my son was little, he thought that was creepy... he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows where you're awake!) Each certificate was created by Santa's head elf, Holly SnowFlake. Great to combine with your Elf on a Shelf, leaving a certificate for your child(ren) to find each day! [Sorry, I couldn't find a great deal for our Canadians and UK readers, but you do get 25 certificates in a pack, so perhaps it's worth it to you?]
Check it out!USCanada

Image: Civil Engineer Tape - A roll of tape designed to look like roads and highwaysCivil Engineer Road Tape:
-- My boys loved making roads when they were little, and this road tape would make it so much fun! Roll it out on carpet, on boxes, over a large table, or maybe even your bed! It sticks to just about any flat surface. They say it is easy to remove, and doesn't leave a sticky residue. I love this first one the most, because this roll is designed with roads, intersections, and crosswalks - but it is more expensive! The second one is more basic and economical, but still does the job! Just add cars!
Check it out! Civil Engineer Tape:USCanadaUK

Check it out! Decorative Road Tape:USCanadaUK

Image: Official Tactical Guns and Coffee Velcro Morale Military starbucks PatchOfficial Guns and Starbucks Patch:
-- Apparently there's a huge debate raging about wearing your gun into Starbucks? I didn't know that buying coffee was so dangerous, you needed to strap on your firearm before venturing in for your daily Double, Double! Is the Zombie apocalypse upon us, and I just didn't notice? Sorry, I am sure this is a very important issue, but perhaps it's because I am Canadian, I just can't imagine everyone carrying unconcealed handguns as they go about their everyday business?? Add this patch to your uniform, bag, hat, purse, backpack, jacket anywhere you want.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse OrganizerCosmetic/Purse Organizer:
-- You won't forget your lipstick, bank card, phone in your other bag ever again. Just simply place this in the bag you are going to use for the day! No more rummaging about in the bottom of your bag for that 'lost' item now you can keep everything easily accessible with this handy organizer. Or use it as a coupon organizer, and always have the right coupons at the ready! Reviewers say the stitching isn't great, but a ton of people loved it anyhow!
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Munchkin Dora the Explorer Bath SquirtersDora the Explorer Bath Squirters:
-- Keep your little ones busy in the tub. These toys suck up the water and give a gentle squirt for lots of giggles. They're also a gas for making bubbles under the water. They are small, one person said the size of a golfball. So perfect for a stocking stuffer, but possibly a choking hazard for the little ones. Use your best judgement.
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: New Wayzon THIS KITCHEN IS SEASONED WITH LOVE Wall Quote Sticker ART Home KITCHEN DecorThis Kitchen is Seasoned With Love wall quote:
-- A lot of reviewers said they loved it, and got a lot of compliments. But you have to add the words to transfer paper, then cut each piece out and then place them on your wall. So it could be a lot of work! Plus, wouldn't this be confusing?? Perfect decor for your living room, bedroom, office, hall way...
Check it out!USCanadaUK

Image: Naruto Cute Green Frog Coin Bag Cosplay Props Plush Toy Purse Wallet Funny GiftNaruto Frog Coin Purse: Total must have for the Naruto fan on your gift list? Or the frog or Kawaii collector! This is a replica of the same frog purse used by Naruto. Perfect for cosplay, or simply storing your earbuds, change or other small items.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Lil Saver Favor Ceramic Mini-Piggy Bank in Gift Box with Polka-Dot BowMini Piggy Bank: This little pig includes a rhyme, "The "Li'l Saver Favor with a big pot belly saved all its pennies for a jar of sweet jelly. The scent was so tasty, he shouted with glee, and then ran along home Wee. Wee. Wee." Makes a stylish Stocking stuffer, Christening gift, Wedding or Baby Shower favour, First Birthday gift or New Baby gift.
 • US - free ship $35+ • Canada - free ship $25+ • UK - $2.86 ship

Image: 10 Pc Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppet Set includes Elephant, Panda, Duck, Rabbit, Frog, Mouse, Cow, Bear, Dog, HippoAnimal Finger Puppet Set: Perfect for playtime, story-time, and puppet shows. Have a zoo right at your fingertips! Includes some hard to find designs, such as frog, hippo and duck (with fuzzy hair). Tiny enough to fit on toddler fingers, but dad's big hands might not.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Nuby Wacky Teething RingNuby Wacky Teething Ring: This might become your little ones favourite teething toy. Babies just love the crinkly ears! Multiple teething surfaces: Skin Soft silicone for tiny front teeth, larger surfaces for little middle teeth and firm surfaces for those pesky back teeth. USA made. BPA FREE
 • US - free ship $35+ • Canada - $3.99 ship • UK - free ship £10+

Image: Joy Baby Red Feather Hairband Rose Bow HeadbandRed Feather/Bow Hairband: Some say it was beautiful and perfect, even cuter in person...some say it was a piece of cardboard and ugly! Makes me wonder if they received the wrong item? I would assume they simply need to bend it a bit to shape to the child's head, maybe mold it around something round for a day or two.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Stylish Eggs Rice Seaweed Food Suits Combination Molds Moulds, 6PCS/PackEggs/Rice/Seaweed Bento Molds: You would need extra-large eggs to make these work with hard-boiled eggs, but the kids seem to love eating shaped food - maybe they can even join in the fun and help make their lunch. Suitable for eggs, rice, sushi, chocolate, bread, moon cake, cake, and more! Shapes: Rabbit, Bear, Fish, Car, Heart, Star.
 • US - $0.98 ship • Canada - free ship $25+ • UK - free ship

Image: two 12mm Magnetic Round Ball Hematite Singing Magnets Toys (Black)Singing Magnet Balls: You can toss them in the air to hear them Buzz, do tricks with your hands such as having one magnet on each side of a finger, you can chase one magnet along with the force of the other one. Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great for hand-eye coordination. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Cheapest in Canada!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - $4 ship

Image: TOOGOO(R) Forehead Head Strip Thermometer Fever Body Baby Child Kid Check Test TemperatureForehead Thermometer Test: When you are sick, who wants a thermometer stuck in your mouth for several minutes!? These are easy and quick to use. They are not exact, when the difference of a degree could mean a trip to the doctor, but I loved this when my boys were little! No batteries required, Unbreakable. No mercury, non-toxic, safe for health and environment. In both Fahrenheit or Celsius.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Liroyal Color Change Decoration LED Lamp Night Light Candle Flash Kids DogColour-Changing Puppy Nightlight: I was thinking this adorable little night light would be perfect for a child's room, but they are saying it is suitable for the bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen, as well as ideal for the bar, cafe house, restaurant, wedding party, etc. to create a romantic ambiance! They say you will have a good night's sleep and sweet dreams!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Blackhead Blackheads Remover Exfoliator Spots Zits Greasy Skin Pore CleanerBlackhead Remover Exfoliator: The description says, "A great gift for girls." Because only girls get blackheads, of course! I am not so sure I would want to find this in my Christmas stocking as a teen, but if it works, it might be something I would appreciate if given a little more discretely?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Silver Cross/Infinity/Love Bracelet: This bracelet could have special meaning for you. "Love partakes of the soul itself. It is of the same nature. It is a divine spark, it is incorruptible, indivisible, imperishable, it is the point of fire which is within us, which is immortal and infinite, which nothing can limit and nothing can extinguish." (Victor Hugo, Les Misérables)
 • US - free ship • Canada - $1.50 ship • UK - free ship

Image: Dimart Educational 3D Model Jigsaw Puzzle Chinese Architecture DIY Toy 24 Pcs Purple Feather Hairband: Make your baby look like a pretty princess! The description says "princess or prince" - would you put this on your baby boy? Some say the picture doesn't do it justice, others say it is not like the picture at all. Some say it's perfect, some say they had to fix it to fit. Could they all be right?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Dimart Educational 3D Model Jigsaw Puzzle Chinese Architecture DIY Toy 24 Pcs3D Model Chinese Puzzle: Here's a gift that will help you fill 4 stockings, with four different jigsaw buildings. Start them on their 3D puzzle addiction early! No need for glue or scissors.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: eFuture(TM) Ruby Crystal Skirt Little Fairy with Angel Wings Vintage Style Large Pendant Necklace +eFuture's nice KeyringFairy Pendant: I love their descriptions! "The fairly beautiful flying angel act as the trendy leading style especially for your featureless sweater. Worn around the necklace and carries your unlimited vigor and youth." Since it looks like Tinkerbell, perhaps she has some fairy duct to give you unlimited youth! Sounds like a bargain to me!
 • US - free ship • Canada • UK - free ship

Image: May This Home Be Blessed Quote Wall Decals Vinyl Art Sticker DIY Room DecorMay This Home Be Blessed Quote: Didn't your mom tell you not to write on the walls? Well, maybe if you wrote beautiful quotes like this, she wouldn't have minded. My middle son, used to write on the walls and sign his name. I guess he was sure he would be famous one day! ;-)
 • US - free ship • Canada • UK - free ship

Image: BlueTop(TM) Fashion Lady Charming Wood Dragonfly Pendant Necklace Lovely StyleDragonfly Pendant Necklace: The dragonfly is considered an agent of change, and symbolic of self realization. It brings prosperity, harmony and good luck. There is also a myth that dragonflies measure human souls for good and evil. So how could you resist??
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Coromose 6Pcs Soft Family Member Puppet Finger Plush ToysHappy Family Finger Puppets: Make songs, rhymes, imaginative play, and bed-time stories more vivid with finger puppets! Many are suggesting they would be great for a home-made Advent calender, but you better order now to get them in time!
 • US - $1.00 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Pooqdo Newest Stylish Fashion Women Girl Lady Hair Tie Crystal Rhinestone Pearl Hairpins Ponytail Holder (Starfish Hair Clip)Starfish Hair Clip: They boast, "Smell the ocean, with this beautiful real starfish!" As you can imagine, wearing a starfish in your hair could get a bit smelly! So I looked up "how to get rid of starfish smell" .
You can soak it in bleach for a couple of hours (for a bleachy smell), soak it in Sprite for a couple of days (for a lemony-lime smell), or simply lay it out in the sunshine for a few days.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: unihandbag Chocolate-shaped Storage Case 5-Slot 2 x Brand New Daily Pill/Medicine Box CAChocolate-shaped Storage Box: They say you can sweeten your pill-taking miseries with this calorie- and fat-free pill box! Or would it simply remind you of the treats you cannot have? They also suggest you could store your small jewelry in the box to impress your friends! Perhaps your friends are that easily impressed?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Vktech Lovely Vintage Magical Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage Long Necklace Can OpenCinderella's Carriage Necklace: Her fairy godmother turns a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage so that Cinderella is able to go to the ball. Perhaps you have a little princess in your life who would love her very own pumpkin carriage?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Fashion Girl Retro Vintage Style Alloy Sea Animal Starfish RingStarfish Cuff Ring: Loving their description! "Imagining an starfish wraps gracefully around your finger rather than the real dirty and wetty one in front of you, you will love this animal ever since." Might be the perfect stocking stuffer gift for someone obsessed with the ocean, and its sea creatures.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: HOSdog Cute Cartoon Toddler Walking Training Sausage Dog Doggie Pull Toy ,Rainbow ColorSausage Doggie Pull Toy: Another toy with small parts designed for 12 months and up? Pretty sure children have to be over 3 years old for small part toys. It looks cute, but at 12 months, they are still putting everything in their mouth. By three years old, aren't they too old for a pull toy?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Retro Bronze Angel Wings Red Heart RingAngel Wings/Red Heart Ring: The ad copy says, "you are sure to attract a lot of men's eyes and win much dating invitations at any party, banquet etc." So it's simple... if you need a date, just buy this ring, and all the men will be after you at every party or banquet you go to!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Dora The Explorer Sticker Album with 8 Sticker SheetsDora The Explorer Sticker Album: Kids can never have too many stickers! Make sure they have something to keep them all in. High gloss paper allows kids to place and remove stickers easily, again and again. A must for any Dora the Explorer fan!
 • US - free ship $25+ • Canada - free ship $25+ • UK - free ship

Image: Vintage Bronze Octopus Sea Monster Squid Kraken Steampunk Antique Ring RetroVintage/Steampunk Octopus Ring: Are you into the Cthulhu Mythos, Steampunk, a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, or a member of an octopus themed secret society? Wear your octopus/sea monster/squid with pride, while it wraps its many tentacles around your finger! Apparently... if you leave it soaking in water for several hours, it might come to life and swim around! ;-)
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship over £10

Image: SODIAL(R) 2 X Home 2 Minute 120 Seconds Egg Kids Children Toothbrush Sand TimerEgg/Toothbrush Sand Timer: Sing along with me! "Brush, brush, brush your teeth. Brush them everyday. We put toothpaste on our brush. To help stop tooth decay." Help your kids develop a good oral health routine with this little 2 minute timer.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: HuaYang Cute Twisting Worm Toy Baby Kids Fingers Flexible Exercising ToyTwisting Worm Baby Toy: A baby toy with small parts? That will exercise and train their little fingers? Perhaps it helps to prepare them for picking locks and picking pockets? The reviews I did find, were giving it to under 1 year olds, and they loved it. I guess they want to train them young? Dangerous!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Jade Onlines Retro Vampire Round Love Beyond the Moon and Stars Pendant NecklaceLove Beyond the Moon and Stars Necklace:
Any ideas why they call this a vampire necklace!?? I love the engraving, reminds me of my son who used to tell me he loved me to the moon and back. And I replied, I loved you before you were even born.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: SODIAL(R) 7pcs Colorful Nail Art Finger Toe Soft Foam Separator Manicure Pedicure Tool7pcs Foam Pedicure Tool: When you spend hours painting your toenails, you don't want to mess it up before it drys. So you can walk around with your toes all spread out with this handy dandy little pedicure tool. It's a one time use, but after it's been on your feet, who wants to use it again!? I prefer Jamberry nail wraps though - no dry time!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK -free ship

Image: SODIAL(R) Mini Egg Yolk White Separator Holder Divider SieveMini Egg Separator: Have you ever tried to separate an egg? You quickly get tired of cracking the egg, then going back and forth between shells to separate the yolk from the whites. And if you are like me, making a mess!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Ultra Thin Mini Flexible Food Safety PP Chopping Cutting Board MatUltra Thin Chopping/Cutting Board: Bend it, fold it, funnel it! You will want to buy at least three of these mats - one for veggies and fruits, one for seafood or poultry, and one for meats! Made in the USA, FDA-approved and won't retain odors or dull knives, dishwasher safe!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Comic Parking Tickets - Prankster's Set Of Parking TicketsParking Tickets: Have you ever had to deal with someone who took up the last two spaces in the parking lot? Or parked so close to your car, you couldn't even get in? Rather than going to jail for keying their car or letting the air out of their tires, just give them an insulting ticket, that looks like the real thing! Place one of these on a deserving windshield to express your outrage!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: ILOVEDIY Handmade Braided 10mm Black Resin Crystal Ball BraceletHandmade Black Shamballa Bracelet: Looking up the meaning of Shamballa, I found the black beads are mostly worn by men. Shamballa means "place of peace/tranquility/happiness/just-so". Black means power, strength, grace and formality, but it can also mean evil, mystery and death. Would you wear the black beads? I really liked them! I wonder what that says about me??
 • US - $1.50 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: SODIAL(R) 2 x Baby Infant Child Toddler Kid Safety Safe Cupboard Cabinet Fridge Door LockSafety Cabinet/Door/Fridge/Drawer Locks: This might make a good IQ test for your little one! I have read reviews of children figuring out these locks in as little as 2 seconds to as long as 12 hours. How long would it take your child to open these locks? Might work well to keep the dogs out of the cupboards, but probably not a curious cat!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: TOOGOO(R) Cute Triangle Baby Sling Slobber Towel Scarf Shawl-Random ColorCute Slobber Scarf: Who thinks up these product names?? My confession: my son was a drooler. Long past the age of baby bibs, he still needed one. So I use to tuck a baby bib under his shirt so others could not see, but his shirt still ended up soaked. This adorable bib scarf is so cute as a bandana, but I am not sure how much it would actually protect your little one's clothes.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: SODIAL(R) Soft Baby Children Waterproof Shield-Random Color +Cable TieShampoo Cap for Kids: This is an interesting combo - a shower cap to keep the shampoo out of your little one's eyes... and a cable tie to keep your little one out of your cables. Who thought up this combo?? If your little one hates getting water in his/her eyes during bath time, making it difficult to wash his/her hair, this just might do the trick for both of you!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Classic Dragon Ear Wrap Cuff Earring Stud Earrings Punk Rock Ear (Antique silver)Gothic/Punk Dragon Ear Cuff: I know you have been dying to have a dragon bite your ear, and now you can! Some people said it was too big, some said it was too small - so I guess the dragon is magical and can change sizes at will! No need to have pierced ears to wear this ear wrap.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: niceeshop(TM) Dark Blue Premium Super Grip Glow Silicon Protective Skin Case Cover for Sony Playstation PS3 Remote ControllerGlow Cover for Sony Playstation PS3 Remote: If your controller rarely leaves your hands, in fact it is practically molded to your sweaty palms, get yourself one of these covers, so it won't slip out of your hand! Add color to your Playstation controller so you can tell yours from the rest, and instant all around protection from scratches, dirt, and grease caused by everyday use.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Bottle Opener RingBottle Opener Ring: It's an emergency! You are having a great time at a party, and then someone loses the bottle opener!! With this ring on your finger, you can save the day! Makes opening your favorite beer as easy as a flick of your hand! Do they still make bottles that need a bottle opener??
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Temporary TattoosTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoos: Righteous ink, dude! Ink your ninjas in training with some turtle power that will keep Foot Clan criminals at bay! These Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoos feature your favorite Ninja Turtles, and their fun sayings from the show.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Women Colorful Casual Birds Chiffon Batwing Loose Blouse T-shirtWomen's Chiffon Blouse/T-shirt: It's never good to tell a woman she has to buy a bigger size - you might want to duck if you say that to her face! Unique loose batwing short sleeve, with a round collar.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Square Shape Soft Silicone Mould Candy Muffin Cup Cake Baking Mold Tool Cakecup ToolsSquare Silicone Candy/Muffin/CupCake Mold: If you have a cupcake making addiction, this product will save you a fortune in paper cupcake wrappers. Perfect for making cakes, pizza, bread, mousse, jelly, chocolate, pudding and fruit pies. Suitable for microwave oven, toaster and refrigerator.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship over $25 • UK - free ship

Image: Generic Retro Long Chain Butterfly Pendant NecklaceEnamel Butterfly Necklace: When you are coming out of your shell, blossoming into a new life, stepping out of your cocoon - what better symbolism to wear than a butterfly necklace!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Black Neoprene Winter Snowboard Ski Half Face Mask Soft Cotton Fleece Neck Ear Warmer Protection Vented Fitted Velcro Adjustable Close Biker Motorcycle FacemaskWinter Sports/Biker Half-Face Mask: There is nothing worse than enjoying your favourite winter sport, and your face freezes! Really spoils the fun! Neoprene is really smelly, but I hear that washing it in Axe products makes it smell better! Great for all outdoors activities, such as snowboarding, skiing, riding snowmobile or motorcycle, hiking, fishing, paint-balling, etc.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: TOOGOO(R) Woolen Handmade Craft Retro Vintage Noble Elegant Vampire Accessories Wedding Decorations Holiday Classic Royal Court Palace Romantic Gothic Style Punk Rock Women Lady Girls Lace Necklace Choker With Design Halloween Decorations Present For Costume Ball Ball MasqueradeVintage Vampire/Romantic/Gothic/Punk Rock Choker: The perfect peice of jewelery to wear on your date with Dracula. It might not offer much protection from bites, but you will look so pretty you just won't care!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Stainless Steel KEY CHAIN ring Mini drinking Flask 1ozKeychain 1oz Stainless Steel Drinking Flask: I am not so sure about attaching a flask to your keychain!? Might not look good when a cop pulls you over. But another idea is to put anointing oil in it for the elders of your church, to use when they pray for people. Of course, then they would have to explain what it was really for to the cops!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Leopard Shell Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Eyeliner Pen Makeup Cosmetic BlackLeopard Shell Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: Have you ever wondered how to create that 'smoky eyes' effect that women on TV and in the movies seem to effortlessly have all the time? They use an eyeliner! Two in one Eyeliner, with one tip a pen eyeliner and the other tip is a liquid eyeliner.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Marilyn Monroe $Million Dollar$ Novelty Bill CollectibleMarilyn Monroe $Million Dollar$ Collectible Bill: Is there a Marilyn Monroe fan on your gift-giving list? Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but who wouldn't want a million dollar bill! Too bad it's not real, but then I guess it would cost a million dollars instead of less than $2.00! Oh well, I will just keep wishing... Same size and feel of real money.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - £0.80 ship

Image: 8Years Women Girls Bronze Tone Hollow Heart Rhinestone Tree Bird Pendant Link Chain Necklace Heart/Tree of Life/Bird Pendant: The tree of life reminds us of our quest for the proverbial fountain of youth, with the promise of never-ending joy and happiness! Surround it with a heart, and the freedom of birds, and the symbolism becomes much deeper than this little piece of jewellery. Great stocking stuffer for the women in your life.
 • US - $2.50 ship • Canada - $3.59 ship • UK - £3.49 ship

Image: Colorful Clockwork Shrink Walkable Caterpillar ABS ToyWalkable Caterpillar ABS Toy: A baby toy not meant for babies!? It says it is for ages 2 and up - to encourage walking and crawling. You wind up this clockwork caterpillar, and let it go, and it crawls away.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: leading star Creative Toothpaste Dispenser Animal Tube Easy SqueezerAnimal Toothpaste Dispenser/Squeezer: Even when you know it’s gone, do you try to squeeze just a little more toothpaste out? Do you flatten, roll, pinch, but mostly, just get annoyed? Grab this easy to use tube squeezer for all your toothpaste, facial foam, tube cream, tube gel needs!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Sandalwood Buddhist Buddha Meditation 108 Prayer Bead Mala Bracelet/NecklaceSandalwood Buddhist Prayer Bracelet/Necklace: Mantras are typically repeated hundreds or even thousands of times. This bracelet/necklace allows you to focus on the meaning or sound of your mantra, rather than counting repetitions. Traditional Buddhist meditation rosary with sandalwood prayer beads.
 • US - free ship • Canada -free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Voberry Fashion Vintage Seahorse Pendant Beauty Necklace Aquatic Organism Fashion Beauty Makeup DecorationVintage Seahorse Pendant Necklace: Seahorses have a head like a horse, a tail like a monkey, eyes are like a chameleon, and a kangaroo-like pouch. So you are getting four animals in one with this purchase! Nice with scoop neck, v-neck, turtleneck tops and and cowl neck sweaters.
 • US - $1.02 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Factop xbox360 Controller Black Green Camo Silicone Case Cover SkinXbox360 Controller Camo Silicone Cover: If your controller rarely leaves your hands, in fact it is practically molded to your sweaty palms, get yourself one of these covers, so it won't slip out of your hand! Add a splash of color to your Xbox 360 controller and provide an instant all around protection from scratches, dirt, and grease caused by everyday use. However, a new controller is NOT included!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: World Pride Cool Gothic Pewter Metal Punk Armour Knuckle Finger RingGothic Punk Knuckle Ring: Wear this ring and tell your friends you are slowly turning into a Borg, medieval knight or dragon. Then buy one for each finger, and add another ring each day or week! You will get a lot of good and funny comments!
 • US - $2.00 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Color Changes Dolphin LED Night LightColor Changes Dolphin LED Night Light: What could be more romantic for your party or wedding than a color-changing dolphin nite-light? Or at least it could brighten up your sea/ocean decor. Energy saving, low heat and long lifespan.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: UrbanSource Black Skull Face Tube MaskUrbanSource Black Skull Face Tube Mask: If you a fan of the Call of Duty game, you gotta have this! Or just to scare your friends and neighbours! If you have ever played Modern Warfare 2, then you will know the character called Ghost that wears an ominous skull mask/balaclava. Perfect for keeping you warm on your motorcycle, scooter or bicycle riding, or just hanging out with friends playing paintball or airsoft.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Nightmare Before Christmas Million Dollar BillNightmare Before Christmas Million Dollar Bill: Drop one these into some of your special Halloween visitor's baskets, and watch their little eyes light up at seeing a million dollar bill mixed in with their candy! Perfect for a cheap but meaningful gift/stocking filler.
 • US - free ship (free ship) • Canada - free ship • UK - £0.80 ship

Image: SODIAL(R) Stacker Wax Crayon/PencilSODIAL® Stacker Wax Crayon/Pencil: I bet you didn't realize that you needed a pencil that reflects your mood. So if you want to write happy, sad or angry thoughts, this is just the pencil you need! Each colored pencil ball has a different cute face!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Silicone Garlic PeelerSilicone Garlic Peeler: Excellent prevention against vampires, providing you with a quick and easy way to prepare large quantities of garlic beads to spread all over your house. However, if some of your friends only visit at night, and need an invitation to come into your house, you might need to choose different friends! This little gadget easily allows you to have fresh peeled garlic in seconds!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: HOSdog Yellow Mom Duck and Babies (Set of 4)Yellow Mom Duck and Babies (Set of 4): Never be lonely in the bathtub again - with mommy duck and all her little ducklings to join you for the fun! Even Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in her bathroom, wearing an inflatable crown! Also perfect for party favors.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Vintage Wishing Rings (8pcs)Vintage Wishing Rings (8 rings): Think carefully before you make a wish! These small rings strung on a necklace might inspire you to make your wishes come true! Copper retro style carved with the words: Love, Free, Hope, Courage, Belief, Luck, Wisdom, Peace.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Topsy Tail Ponytail Styling Tool - 2 pcsTopsyTail Ponytail Styling Tool: Flip, wrap, twist, tie or twirl – this brilliantly simple tool gives you the ability to effortlessly create your perfect pony. Multiple hairstyles await you with TopsyTail! Simple and elegant hair style.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Magnetic Weight Loss Toe RingMagnetic Weight Loss Toe Rings: It's a Miracle! A simple foot massage that will curb your appetite, reduce the fat on your body, increase your metabolism, correct your walking posture AND exercise your muscles! I guess you would actually have to walk around for that to work? Or could you just watch TV and eat popcorn?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Silly Straw Drinking eyeglassesSilly Straw Glasses: You can't actually see any better with these glasses, but the sensation of a cold drink going round your face might help your headache! A fun and novel way to sip your drink - for kids and adults!
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: SODIAL(R) Baby Crab Educational Jingle RattleBaby Crab Jingle Rattle: They say this toy is non-toxic and harmless, and it really IS cute... But should we be giving our babies crabs to play with? They might get hurt, and then whose fault will it be?
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Wishing Bottle Pendant with Butterfly and PearlWishing Bottle Pendant with Butterfly and Pearl: You can't bottle the carefree days of summer, but I have figured out how to bottle dandelion wishes! Put a secret message or wish in this bottle and give it to someone you love. Your wish might come true!
 • US - $1.02 ship • (No wishes for Canada) • UK - free ship

Image: Zombie Warning Caution TapeZombie Warning Tape: Here is just what you need if you get attacked by zombies! Of course, the zombies can't read, but at least you can let everyone else know where the zombies are, so they can run away and hide! Great touch for any Halloween/Horror theme!
 • US - $1.99 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - £0.99 ship

Image: Flingshot Flying MonkeyFlying Screaming Monkey: At an outdoor party, we divided in teams to play flying monkey games... hilarious! Everyone had a great time until the police arrived! All that screaming, a neighbour thought someone was being hurt! His arms stretch like rubber bands to make him fly. Warning: Don't give this to someone who would send it shrieking across the office every 2 minutes!
 • US - $2.85 shipCanada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Craft DIY Paper Punch Snowflake DIY Paper Punch Snowflake: You know those annoying snowflakes that fall out of the invitations you get in the mail? Well, now you can be annoying too! Perfect for all your scrapbooking, card making and paper craft projects.
 • US - $1.00 ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Melissa and Doug Doodle PadMelissa and Doug Doodle Pad: When I was a kid I used to doodle all over my jeans in class - which made my mom so angry! But maybe if she had bought me a doodle pad, I would have stopped! This small size is easy to take along in a backpack or carry-on bag.
 • US - free ship $35+Canada - free ship $25+UK - free ship £10+

Image: Elvis Presley Million Dollar BillElvis Presley Million Dollar Bill: Here is a great gift idea for someone that doesn't want anything! What Elvis fan wouldn't want a million dollars?? Recognizes the life of the King of Rock 'N Roll! Weirdly Collectible!
 • US - free ship • Canada - $0.01 ship • UK - £0.80 ship

Image: Festival Grecian Garland Hippy HeadbandFestival Grecian Garland Hippy Headband: Where have all the hippies gone? There we were talking about love, freedom and Say NO to War. Now we have all become the "The Aged of Aquarius!" Pretty for Prom, parties, Renaissance, Halloween, etc.
 • US - free ship • Canada - free ship • UK - free ship

Image: Farmville Animal Game Disco Dancing Sheep/Memory GameMORE U.S. DOLLAR DEALS
 • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoos
 • Hungarian Yellow Pepper Seeds Non-GMO, USA
 • Doctor Who Tardis iPad/Car/Notebook Decal
 • Out Of This World Pet Loco
 • Various DC Comic Character Pez Dispensers
 • Purple Water Pearls (free ship)
 • John Wayne Million Dollar Novelty Bill
 • Lavender Rose Petals
 • Minecraft Jazwares Papercraft Leaf Block

Image: Glitter Fairy Sticker Paper DollMORE CANADIAN DOLLAR DEALS
 • SODIAL® Magic Crystal Water Beads
 • Crayola Original Silly Putty
 • Glitter Fairy Sticker Paper Doll
 • Turban Hat Headwrap/Hair Loss/Chemo
 • What to Doodle? My Friends Paperback
 • Baby Girl Pearl Rose Flower Headdress
 • Trends International Cars 2 Stickers

Image: Soccerstarz Barca Toon Xavi Home KitMORE U.K. DOLLAR DEALS
 • Soccerstarz Barca Toon Xavi Home Kit
 • Mini Bouncing Putty - Assorted Colours
 • High Visibility Childrens Safety Vest
 • Super Mario Pez Dispenser With Two Refills
 • Fairy Pendant, Silver Chain/Bracelet/Charm
 • SODIAL® Colorful Magic Crystal Water Beads
 • Karen Pryor Button Training Clicker
 • Adjustable Pet Triangle Bandana Scarf Collar
 • Classic Knot Silver Bracelet Bangle
 • Silver Bangle Bracelet w/Snowflake Carving
 • Angel Flames Coloured Birthday Cake Candles
 • Glowing Artificial Jellyfish for Aquarium
 • Two Alien Catapult - Stretchy sticky
 • War-time cookery Booklet - from World War 2

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