FREEBIE: 351+ Printable Coloring Books! (ALL)

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 1 comments
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Image: Child coloring book, by StockSnap on Pixabay

For your coloring pleasure, a great collection of free coloring books for adults and children.

Coloring books about Covid-19, wearing a mask, quarantine, election, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, child safety, disaster prep, nurses and doctors, visiting the hospital, surgery, cancer, autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes, dental visits, animals, transportation, and a whole lot more!

A few of the books also available in Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Turkish, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Farsi, Filipino/Tagalog, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Urdu.

Jump to: Covid-19/Corona-virus ~ Wear a Mask coloring books ~ Quarantine ~ Halloween ~ Election ~ Thanksgiving ~ Christmas ~ New Year's Eve ~ Valentine's Day ~ Child Safety ~ Disaster Preparedness ~ Nurses and Doctors ~ Cancer ~ Asthma ~ Allergies ~ Diabetes ~ Dental ~ Autism ~ Visiting the Hospital ~ New York Academy of Medicine ~ Museum ~ Animal ~ Transportation ~ More!

Image: 1. Wash Hands 2. Quarantine 3. Coloring... REPEAT: Coloring Book: Self-Quarantine Activity Coloring Book For Adults, Teens, and Children | Paperback: 100 pages | by Billy Morgan (Author). Publisher: Independently published (March 22, 2020)
Wash Hands, Repeat
Coloring Book

Covid-19/Corona-virus Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  CHoR Defenders vs. Covid-19 | A kid-friendly coloring book about COVID-19 (English)

 πŸ–️  Los Defensores de CHoR contra la Covid-19 | Un libro infantil sobre la COVID-19 para colorear (En EspaΓ±ol)

 πŸ–️  COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Coloring Book - Boston Children's Hospital

 πŸ–️  Covid-19 Coloring Book - Ricardo CatΓ©

 πŸ–️  Learn about the Coronavirus Coloring Book (English)

 πŸ–️  I am Safe, and I am Healthy: Guard Dog Manages His Fears About CoronaVirus (English)

 πŸ–️  Yo estoy a Salvo, y Yo estoy Saludable: El Perro GuardiΓ‘n Maneja Sus Miedos Acerca del CORONAVIRUS (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  Learn about the Coronavirus Activity Book (English)

 πŸ–️  COVID-19 Coloring Book and Activity Book Translations - Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Farsi, Filipino/Tagalog, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu

 πŸ–️  Free Coloring Pages For Children Social Distancing And Hygiene

 πŸ–️  NSF Scrub Club Heroes Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  NSF Scrub Club Villians Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Georgie and the Giant Germ creative coloring book

 πŸ–️  KSN Special Covid Coloring Book | KidScoopNews

 πŸ–️  Special PPE coloring book | Primary Children’s Hospital - Designed to make personal protective equipment less scary for children. English and Spanish

 πŸ–️  Matt Davies' coronavirus coloring book

 πŸ–️  Free downloadable Wash Your Hands coloring book

 πŸ–️  The ABC's of Covid-19 coloring book

 πŸ–️  Why Can't I? coloring book - A children's coloring book that helps explain COVID-19 and ways children can be safe.

 πŸ–️  Joey the kangaroo and her coping with COVID plan - a very special coloring book for kids

 πŸ–️  Goodbye, germs! - A coloring book about staying clean and safe from coronavirus germs

 πŸ–️  The Kindeez Stay-at-Home Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Activity Book For Kids - HCA Healthcare - Helpful information and coloring pages to teach children about Coronavirus

 πŸ–️  COVID-19 Activity Book - Johns Hopkins Medicine

 πŸ–️  FREE eBooks ebout Coronavirus / COVID-19 - a collection of free eBooks in multiple languages for children about the Coronavirus / COVID-19

 πŸ–️  Avera Health coloring book

 πŸ–️  Coronavirus Coloring Book | What is My Doctor Wearing?

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Covid-19/Coronavirus Coloring Books

Image: Why We Wear Masks - Coloring Book | Paperback: 24 pages | by Nancy Kline (Author). Publisher: Independently published (September 20, 2020)
Why We Wear Masks

Wear a Mask Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Wear a Mask - A Coloring Book for Children

 πŸ–️  Mask Coloring Book - in English and Turkish

 πŸ–️  My Mask Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Putting A Mask On My Toys

 πŸ–️  Free Coloring Book: Masks, Masks, Masks!

 πŸ–️  My Face Mask: A Coloring Book of Adventures - Down Syndrome Project

 πŸ–️  Masks Aren't Scary! - Child Care Resources

 πŸ–️  Sammie's New Mask Coloring Book - The NCCS

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Wear a Mask Coloring Books

Image: Life In Quarantine: A COVID-19 Coloring and Activity Book | Paperback: 78 pages | by Mindy Lou (Author). Publisher: Independently published (July 2, 2020)
Life In Quarantine

Quarantine Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  The Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Fine Art Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  2020 Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Good Startup's BAD Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Quarantine Coloring Patterns | Courtesy of Better Day Books

 πŸ–️  Corner Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Toadies Broke Down….Bored Quarantine Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Quarantine Coloring Book | Owen Cyclops

 πŸ–️  Quarantine Designs And Pandemic Times: A Coloring Book By Company Inq

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Quarantine Coloring Books

Image: Quarantine Halloween Coloring Book for Toddlers: Trick Or Treat Coloring Sheets For When We Can't Safely Trick Or Treat | Paperback: 62 pages | by MOREFUNNER Publishing (Author). Publisher: Independently published (September 21, 2020)
Quarantine Halloween
Coloring Book

Halloween Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Halloween Coloring Book - New York State Police

 πŸ–️  Free Printable Mini Halloween Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  FREE Printable Halloween Coloring Book (2020)

 πŸ–️  Free Printable Halloween Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Free Halloween Coloring Book Download – Coloring Boo 2015

 πŸ–️  Free Halloween Coloring Book Printable – Coloring Boo(k) 2019

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Halloween Coloring Books

Image: Elections and Voting For Kids! A Guided Coloring and Activity Book About the Election and Voting Process: A Fun Workbook About The American ... For Kids Ages 8 And Up. (Elections For Kids) | Paperback: 44 pages | by Bond and Bexley (Author). Publisher  Independently published (September 4, 2020)
Elections and Voting For Kids!

Election Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Shades of the campaign: The USA TODAY Campaign Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Election 2020 Coloring Book — Instituto

 πŸ–️  Let's Vote - Madison County - New York State

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Election Coloring Books

Image: I Spy Thanksgiving: A Fun Guessing Game Picture Book for Kids | Paperback: 52 pages | by ANNETT HILL (Author). Publisher: Independently published (October 12, 2020)
I Spy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Thanksgiving Story Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Thanksgiving Activity Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Thanksgiving Coloring Book FREE on the App Store

 πŸ–️  Thanksgiving Coloring Book - Apps on Google Play

 πŸ–️  The Truth about Thanksgiving - Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Thanksgiving Coloring and Activity Book

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Thanksgiving Coloring Books

Image: Johanna's Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults | Paperback: 80 pages | by Johanna Basford (Author). Publisher: Penguin Books; Illustrated edition (October 25, 2016)
Johanna's Christmas

Christmas Coloring Books:

πŸ–️ Free Printable Christmas A-Z Coloring Book - Lemon and Kiwi

πŸ–️ 101 Days of Christmas: Mini Christmas Coloring Book | LifeYourWay

πŸ–️ Free Christmas Coloring Book for your little hero!

πŸ–️ Printable Christmas Coloring and Activity Book for Kids

πŸ–️ Printable Kids Coloring - Coloring Book of Dreams

πŸ–️ MS Word Christmas Coloring Book Template | Word and Excel

πŸ–️ Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids - Printable Coloring Book

πŸ–️ Make Your Own The Twelve Days of Christmas Coloring Book

πŸ–️ Kids coloring book Christmas - Apps on Google Play

πŸ–️ Christmas Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Relaxing Designs

πŸ–️ Adult Christmas Coloring Book

πŸ–️ Coloring Ideas Printable Christmas Book Pictures

πŸ–️ Christmas Coloring Books - Coloring Home

πŸ–️ Collection of Giant Christmas Coloring Books (31)

πŸ–️ Check Amazon for more Christmas Coloring Books

Image: Happy New Year Around the World (Dover Holiday Coloring Book) | Paperback – Coloring Book: 32 pages | by Sylvia Walker (Author). Publisher: Dover Publications; Green ed. edition (September 19, 2012)
Happy New Year
Around the World

New Year's Eve Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  2021 NEW YEAR Coloring Book | Google Play Store

 πŸ–️  Christmas and New Year Designs: Adult Coloring Book Featuring Stress Relieving Christmas and New Year Patterns

 πŸ–️  Free New Year Coloring Book for Kids

 πŸ–️  Happy New Year Coloring Book for Adults

 πŸ–️  111 New Year Coloring Pages

 πŸ–️  Happy New Year Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  New Year's Day | Free Coloring Book |

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more New Year's Eve Coloring Books

Image: Coloring Book For Adult Happy Valentine's Day: Adult coloring book for Valentine's day and every day romance | Paperback: 100 pages | by The Universal Book House (Author). Publisher: Independently published (January 13, 2020)
Happy Valentine's Day
Coloring Book

Valentine's Day Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Book | East Side Elders

 πŸ–️  Valentine Color Book - Crafts

 πŸ–️  Valentines love coloring book - Apps on Google Play

 πŸ–️  Kids Coloring Book with valentine day‪s‬

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Valentine's Day Coloring Books

Image: Safety On Coloring Book: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children (Volume 2) | Paperback: 40 pages | by Yehuda Remer (Author). Publisher: White Feather Press, LLC (March 27, 2017)
Safety On Coloring Book

Child Safety Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Gun Safety - Eddie Eagle Activity Book (Pre-K, K)

 πŸ–️  Gun Safety - Eddie Eagle Activity Book (1st, 2nd Grade)

 πŸ–️  Gun Safety - Eddie Eagle Activity Book (3rd, 4th Grade)

 πŸ–️  Waterwise Water Safety Coloring Book - Cook County Department of Public Health

 πŸ–️  Water Safety Coloring and Activity Book

 πŸ–️  I Love To Go Boating - A Boating Safety Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  USDA Food Safety Mobile Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Coloring Book - The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

 πŸ–️  Safety At Home coloring book

 πŸ–️  Fire Safety Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Sesame Street Fire Safety Guide for Families

 πŸ–️  Fire Safety Learn and Color Book

 πŸ–️  Color and Learn - U.S. Fire Administration

 πŸ–️  Kidpower Coloring Book (11 Different Languages) - make learning safety skills FUN!

 πŸ–️  The Bubble Book - A Coloring Book and Guide to Helping Protect Children and Their Personal Space

 πŸ–️  Free Coloring Book: Safety Tips For Kids - Teach Children Awareness and Help Them Stay Safe

 πŸ–️  Careageous Kids - Keeping your Body Safe Coloring Workbook

 πŸ–️  My Body Is Mine (Boys) - A coloring and read-with-me book for safety smart kids

 πŸ–️  My Body Is Mine (Girls) - A coloring and read-with-me book for safety smart kids

 πŸ–️  Be Bear Aware Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Proud of Me! - This book contains a variety of activities and short stories designed to prevent sexual abuse

 πŸ–️  Explore your emotions – coloring and activity book

 πŸ–️  School Safety Coloring Book and Social Story

 πŸ–️  Free Educational Coloring Books Online - Safety

 πŸ–️  My Body is MINE! -- Please sit down with your young child and read this book with them.

 πŸ–️  We Believe You -- Coloring Book for Survivors and Supporters

 πŸ–️  Every Child By Two -- Friends at the Zoo Coloring Book, Vaccine-Preventable Disease eBook, and posters.

 πŸ–️  Are you a flu fighter? Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Eres un luchador contra la iluenza? -- Spanish

 πŸ–️  Color Me Safe (English) -- A New Coloring Book from CDC's Injury Center

 πŸ–️  Color Me Safe (Spanish) -- A New Coloring Book from CDC's Injury Center

 πŸ–️  Ethan's House Gets Healthier coloring book -- With a Visit from the Lead Poisoning Prevention

 πŸ–️  Child Safety Coloring and Activity Book - Michigan Legislature

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Child Safety Coloring Books

Image: Duck, Cover and Hold Prepping for Natural Disasters Coloring Book | Educational Paperback: 42 pages | by Educando Kids (Author). Publisher: Educando Kids (February 1, 2019)
Duck, Cover and Hold Prepping
for Natural Disasters

Disaster Preparedness Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Zombie Preparedness, from the CDC

 πŸ–️  Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  QuakeSafe Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book - Prince George's County

 πŸ–️  Be Smart, Be Prepared, Be Responsible! - City of Del Mar

 πŸ–️  Fred the Preparedness Dog: Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Flood Preparedness Activity Book

 πŸ–️  Ready Wrigley helps her family prepare for emergencies

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: Family Disaster Plan - PDF

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: Family Plan - PDF

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: Family Supply List - PDF

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: Ready Kids Activity Book - PDF

 πŸ–️  Just For Kids: The Adventures of Terry the Turtle and Gracie the Wonder Dog - PDF

 πŸ–️  Ready Wrigley Prepares for Hurricanes -- A children's activity book for ages 2-8 - with tips, activities, and a story to help the whole family prepare for emergencies.

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Disaster Coloring Books

Image: Nurse Coloring Book: Sweary Midnight Edition - A Totally Relatable Swear Word Adult Coloring Book Filled with Nurse Problems (Coloring Book Gift Ideas) (Volume 2) Paperback – December 29, 2016, by Adult Coloring World (Author)
Nurse Coloring Book

Nurses and Doctors Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Good Medicine for Our People coloring book -- This is a fun and informative way to teach Native American children about the possibility of a career in healthcare, giving useful facts on the many career options to chose from, including registered nurses, doctors, and medical technologists.

 πŸ–️  Health Care Career coloring book -- designed to introduce children to some of the rewarding careers available in health care. The drawings feature just a few of the 200 exciting careers that are available.

 πŸ–️  Nurse coloring book -- In the daily life of a nurse, anything is possible. From the happy to the sad and bizarre, and sometimes all three!

 πŸ–️  You Can be a Nurse Coloring Book! - free printables

 πŸ–️  Top 25 Nurse Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones - free printables

 πŸ–️  Nurse Pictures to Color | 17 Pages

 πŸ–️  Doctor Pictures to Color | 17 Pages

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Doctor Coloring Books

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Nurse Coloring Books

Image: I Am A Cancer Crushing Ninja: An Adult Coloring Book for Encouragement, Strength and Positive Vibes: 20 Super-Powered Sayings To Color. Cancer Coloring Book. (Courageous Coloring) (Volume 4) | Paperback: 50 pages | by Kathy Weller (Author). Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 8, 2018)
I Am A Cancer
Crushing Ninja

Cancer Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Pictures of My Journey – Activity book for kids with cancer

 πŸ–️  F*ck Cancer: A totally inappropriate self-affirming adult coloring book

 πŸ–️  F*ck Cancer: A totally inappropriate self-affirming adult coloring book | Online For Free

 πŸ–️  Christ Over Cancer Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Stem Cell Transplant Coloring Book - Leukemia

 πŸ–️  Joey's Special Eye Coloring Book: Retinoblastoma Awareness

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Cancer Coloring Books

Image: Learning About Asthma with the Asthma Gators Coloring Book | Paperback: 20 pages | by Chris Shreve (Author), Aaron Leopold (Illustrator).Publisher: Keys To A Healthy Home (January 1, 2014
Learning About Asthma
with the Asthma Gators

Asthma Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Dusty The Asthma Goldfish and His Asthma Triggers Funbook

 πŸ–️  Dusty, la carpa dorada del asma, y sus provocadores de asma(En EspaΓ±ol)

 πŸ–️  Asthma coloring book -- English

 πŸ–️  Asthma Coloring Book - Kingston Allergy and Asthma

 πŸ–️  Be A-OK With Asthma - Asthma Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Doctor Al and the Sneeze 'n Wheeze Busters Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Breathe Easies coloring book

 πŸ–️  Ally and Andy’s Activity Book - This coloring and activity book gives children and families a basic understanding of asthma and food allergies

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Asthma Coloring Books

Image: Food Allergies On the Go! Coloring and Activity Book | Paperback: 26 pages | by Leanne Sebastian (Author), Lora Cipriano. Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 3, 2015)
Food Allergies On the Go!

Allergy Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Cross-Contamination Collaboration - a food allergy coloring book

 πŸ–️  Dr. Al's Coloring Book - In this coloring book you will find superheroes like Dr. Al Lergist, Annie Histamine, Buster...

 πŸ–️  Free Halloween Coloring Book Printable – Coloring Boo(k) 2019 - free coloring book to be handed out to trick-or-treaters with food allergies or dietary restrictions

 πŸ–️  Allergy and Asthma Activity Book | Dakota Allergy and Asthma

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Allergy Coloring Books

Image: Sugar Nah, I am Sweet Enough, An Adult Coloring Book: Funny Sarcastic Coloring Book | Paperback: 100pages | by funnyah angelproduction (Author). Publisher: Independently published (February 18, 2020)
Sugar Nah, I am
Sweet Enough

Diabetes Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  How I Can Help Mommy and Daddy When They Need To Change My Pump Catheter - Insulin pump coloring book for kids

 πŸ–️  My Life, My Diabetes, My Way | Meet Dot: Your New Friend - Living With Type 1 Diabetes, Ages 2 to 6

 πŸ–️  Cooking in the Colors of the Rainbow: Preventing Diabetes Through Healthy Eating (English)

 πŸ–️  Cooking in the Colors of the Rainbow: Preventing Diabetes Through Healthy Eating (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  Cooking in the Colors of the Rainbow: Preventing Diabetes Through Healthy Eating (Creole)

 πŸ–️  Welcome To My World Coloring Book for Boys (English)

 πŸ–️  Welcome To My World Coloring Book for Boys (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  Welcome To My World Coloring Book for Girls (English)

 πŸ–️  Welcome To My World Coloring Book for Girls (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  Plate Full of Color Coloring Book -- Created based on the Eagle Books series of children's stories.

 πŸ–️  Tricky Treats Coloring Book -- Created based on the Eagle Books series of children's stories.

 πŸ–️  Knees Lifted High Coloring Book -- Created based on the Eagle Books series of children's stories.

 πŸ–️  Through the Eyes of the Eagle Coloring Book -- Created based on the Eagle Books series of children's stories.

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Diabetes Coloring Books

Image: Dental Life: A Snarky Coloring Book for Adults: A Funny Adult Coloring Book for Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Therapists, ... Dental Students, and Periodontists | Paperback: 108 pages | by Papeterie Bleu (Author). Publisher: Gray and Gold Publishing (February 28, 2019)
Dental Life

Dental Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Kid's Dental Coloring Sheets, Activities, and Charts -- Free printable dental coloring pages and activity sheets keep kids occupied while waiting for the dentist.

 πŸ–️  Dental Coloring Books

 πŸ–️  The Hall of Heroes | Dental Coloring Pages

 πŸ–️  Healthy Smiles oral health coloring book

 πŸ–️  Personalized Coloring Book For Boys

 πŸ–️  Personalized Coloring Book For Girls

 πŸ–️  BC Dentistry Kids Zone

 πŸ–️  Dental Pictures to Color | 17 Pages

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Dentist Coloring Books

Image: PUZZLED: an AUTISM coloring book: an adult coloring book for parents, teachers, family members or anyone affected by Autism | Paperback: 180 pages | by Tabitha L Barnett (Author). Publisher: Independently published (March 14, 2020)
coloring book

Autism Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Temple Grandin: My Life in Pictures - A Coloring Book for Children about Autism

 πŸ–️  The Autism and Special Education Law Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Understanding My Friends with Autism Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Alex and Rosie's Coloring Books - printable coloring books for kids with autism

 πŸ–️  Free Books To Help Kids with Autism Understand the Pandemic - these are story books, not coloring books, but I thought I would include them here

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Autism Coloring Books

Image: Time Out for Stress Relief: A Coloring Book for Surgery Staff | Paperback: 58 pages | by Michelle Ogorzalek (Author). Publisher: Independently published (January 26, 2020)
Time Out for Stress Relief

Visiting the Hospital Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  My Surgery Journey - An Adventure to Make You Feel Better! Surgery and Anesthesia (boy version)

 πŸ–️  My Surgery Journey - An Adventure to Make You Feel Better! Surgery and Anesthesia (girl version)

 πŸ–️  A Child's Guide to Surgery | University Hospital

 πŸ–️  Surgery Coloring Book - Children's Minnesota

 πŸ–️  MY TRIP Coloring Book - The MHE Research Foundation

 πŸ–️  NICU Sibling Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  NICU: El Libro de colorear de Una Visita Especial al Hospital (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  My trip to the Emergency Department - at the Women's and Children's Hospital

 πŸ–️  The Clinical Center Patient Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Guide to Surgery - Johns Hopkins Medicine - English -- This book was created to help you prepare your child for the experience of coming to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center for surgery. Also in Spanish and Arabic.

 πŸ–️  Healthy Bear Has Surgery coloring book

 πŸ–️  Adventure Series Color Book - Radiology

 πŸ–️  Poison Coloring and Activity Pages

 πŸ–️  VPI Coloring Book - Cincinnati Children's Hospital

 πŸ–️  Going to Surgery Coloring Book - Cleveland Clinic -- This book is designed to help you and your child know what to expect on the day of surgery.

 πŸ–️  Welcome to UC Davis Health -- This coloring and activity book was designed to help ease your child into the hospital experience

 πŸ–️  My Trip to the Hospital Coloring Book - Stony Brook Medicine -- The journey a child makes to the hospital or to an ambulatory surgery center can never be a pleasure trip, but it is easier and safer today than ever before.

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Hospital Coloring Books

Image: Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book, Updated Edition (Netter Basic Science) 2nd Edition | Paperback: 392 pages | by John T. Hansen PhD (Author). Publisher: Elsevier; 2nd Edition (February 28, 2018)
Netter's Anatomy
Coloring Book

New York Academy of Medicine Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine Library Coloring Book 2020 (PDF)

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine 2019 Coloring Book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine Coloring Book 2018 (PDF)

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine Coloring Book 2017 (PDF)

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine 2016 coloring book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  New York Academy of Medicine 2014 coloring book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Medicine Coloring Books

Image: Color the Classics: The Art Institute of Chicago (Adult Coloring Books) | Paperback: 64 pages | by Art Institute of Chicago (Author). Publisher: Sourcebooks; Clr Csm Edition (October 4, 2016)
Color the Classics

Museum Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Andover-Harvard Theological Library coloring book

 πŸ–️  Biodiversity Heritage Library coloring books

 πŸ–️  Bodleian Library (PDF) coloring book

 πŸ–️  Boston's Countway Library's Center for the History of Medicine coloring book

 πŸ–️  Digital Public Library of America coloring books

 πŸ–️  Dittrick Medical History Center Rare Book Collections, Case Western Reserve University (PDF) coloring book

 πŸ–️  Europeana coloring book

 πŸ–️  Folger Library coloring book

 πŸ–️  Historical Medical Library of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia coloring book

 πŸ–️  Lithuanian Art Museum coloring book

 πŸ–️  London's Royal College of Physicians coloring book

 πŸ–️  Memoria Chilena Coloring Book 2019

 πŸ–️  National Archives of the United States coloring book (patents)

 πŸ–️  Open Library coloring book

 πŸ–️  Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center at the Davenport Public Library coloring book

 πŸ–️  Special Collections and Rare Books, University of Missouri Libraries coloring book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  Smithsonian Libraries coloring book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  The Getty coloring book

 πŸ–️  The Huntington coloring page

 πŸ–️  Wangensteen Historical Library, University of Minnesota coloring book

 πŸ–️  Onslow County Museum Coloring Book 2020

 πŸ–️  Library of Virginia Coloring Book 2020

 πŸ–️  Jewish Museum of Maryland Coloring Book 2020

 πŸ–️  And many more museum coloring books!

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Museum Coloring Books

Image: Dog Mandalas: Coloring Book For Dog Lovers Mandala Canine Designs For Fun And Stress Relief | Paperback: 62 pages| by Pet Coloring Books NGUStudio (Author). Publisher: Independently published (December 9, 2018)
Dog Mandalas

Animal Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  Taking Care of Pets - a printable coloring book

 πŸ–️  US Fish and Wildlife Service Coloring book

 πŸ–️  Reptiles Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Wellness Coloring Book -- Burnet Road Animal Hospital will care and look after your pet family member.

 πŸ–️  Doggie Do's and Don'ts -- There are a number of things you can do to avoid dog bites - in English and Spanish

 πŸ–️  Hawaiian Endangered Animals Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Kestrals, Vultures, and Hawks coloring books

 πŸ–️  FREE Printable Zoo Animal Coloring Book For Kids

 πŸ–️  Stay Healthy Around Animals! Coloring Book - CDC

 πŸ–️  Birds, Farm, Plants, Zoo Animals - Printable Coloring Books

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Animal Coloring Books

Image: Race Cars Adult Coloring Book for Men: Men's Coloring Book of Race Cars, Muscle Cars, and High Performance Vehicles (Adult Coloring Books for Men) (Volume 3) | Paperback: 52 pages | by ZenMaster Coloring Books (Author). Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Clr Csm edition (November 14, 2016)
Race Cars Coloring Book

Transportation Coloring Books:

 πŸ–️  The Canadian Canoe Museum Coloring Book 2020

 πŸ–️  Free Union Pacific Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Trains Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Airbus Helicopters Coloring Book and Fun and Games

 πŸ–️  Aircraft in Action Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  History of the American Automobile Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Solar Roadways - The Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  School Bus Safety Coloring Book - STSCO

 πŸ–️  Safe Sam School Bus Coloring Book (pdf)

 πŸ–️  Grandma on the Move coloring and activity book - City of Vancouver

 πŸ–️  Public Transit Careers Coloring Book - Citilink

 πŸ–️  OROS Coloring Book - FMCSA - US Department of Transportation

 πŸ–️  Printable Coloring Book – Transportation Theme

 πŸ–️  Working at the Michigan Department of Transportation Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  PennDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) ABCs

 πŸ–️  Airbus Helicopters coloring and activity books - English, French, German, Spanish

 πŸ–️  Aviation Coloring Books

 πŸ–️  Emergency Vehicles coloring book

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Transportation Coloring Books

Image: People of Adult Coloring Book: Rolling Back Dignity (OFFICIAL People of Walmart Coloring Books) | Paperback: 80 pages | by Andrew Kipple (Author), Day Drankin' Press (Author), Luke Wherry (Author), Adam Kipple (Author), Davor Ratkovic (Illustrator). Publisher: Day Drankin' Press (September 30, 2016)
People of
Adult Coloring Book

More Coloring Books (still need to be sorted):

 πŸ–️  Mindful Coloring book - Between Sessions

 πŸ–️  World Edition Printable Coloring Book - Featuring Sam and Sofia

 πŸ–️  Early Explorers Coloring Book - Featuring Max, Mia, and Toby

 πŸ–️  Environmental Scientists at Work Coloring book

 πŸ–️  Scientists and the Environment Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Environmental Protection Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Auntie Pollution Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Quilt Coloring Book: 10 Quilt Coloring Pages to Print

 πŸ–️  Just Add Color Series Coloring Books

 πŸ–️  Chestnut Hill Architectural Hall of Fame Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Chester Inn Museum Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Five coloring book pages from the Aspen Historical Society

 πŸ–️  We Remember...Before and Beyond: An Oklahoma African American History Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Coloring Books - Stikbot

 πŸ–️  Alphabet Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  This Is the Way: A Baby Yoda Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  IKEA activity / colouring book (English) and IKEA activity / colouring book (Israel)

 πŸ–️  Adult Coloring Book - ColoringCraze

 πŸ–️  Download Our Free Printable Coloring Book and Get Creative

 πŸ–️  9 Free Printable Coloring Books (PDF Downloads)

 πŸ–️  Tootsie Pop Squad Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Tootsie Pop Squad: Award, Coloring Book, Quiz

 πŸ–️  Make Your Own Adult Coloring Book | PicMonkey

 πŸ–️  Doll Coloring Books | Our Generation

 πŸ–️  Printable 911 Coloring and Activity Book

 πŸ–️  Download a Dungeons and Dragons coloring book from 1979

 πŸ–️  Arkansas African American History Makers Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Get A Free Personalized Colouring Book For Your Little Hero! - Create the appearance of your little one: choose gender and skin color, hair color and style, eyes shape and color, even add glasses or freckles!

 πŸ–️  Download your own WGN Morning News coloring book

 πŸ–️  All I Want Is More Beautiful Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Tex and Dot's Air Quality Coloring and Activity Book

 πŸ–️  Tex and Dot's Water Quality Coloring and Activity Book

 πŸ–️  Hines' Family Fun Coloring Book | Building From A to Z

 πŸ–️  Eastside Historic Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Sensitive Superheroes coloring book

 πŸ–️  Scenes From New York Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Favorite Places in Georgia coloring book

 πŸ–️  Learning More About the Law Coloring Book, Volume 1

 πŸ–️  Learning More About the Law Coloring Book, Volume 2

 πŸ–️  Learning About Judges Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Learning About Judges Coloring Book - Spanish

 πŸ–️  Flourish – The FREE Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  City of Las Vegas coloring book

 πŸ–️  Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin Recycle and Combat a Life of Grime (Coloring Book)

 πŸ–️  Coloring with Cell Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Story of Focused Frog (English)

 πŸ–️  The Story of Focused Frog/La Historia de una Rana Enfocada (Spanish)

 πŸ–️  Skin Shades Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Poppin' Wheelies: Coloring Book for Kids of All Abilities

 πŸ–️  Free Save Our Species Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Free Advent Coloring Book plus 100's of Advent Coloring Pages

 πŸ–️  Star Wars Free Printable Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Crime Prevention Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Children's Coloring Book on Native Americans - Forest Service

 πŸ–️  Garfield Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  EEK! - Nature's Recyclers Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  U.S. National Parks Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Free Coloring books Collections - Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Animals, Nursery Stories, Vehicles, and so much more!

 πŸ–️  Washington State Legislature Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  The Official Oregon Coloring Book - Oregon Secretary of State

 πŸ–️  Forest Jewels of Hawai'i Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Coloring book: KEIL Heating and Air Conditioning

 πŸ–️  Shopkins Strawberry Kiss Printable Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  New York Botanical Garden coloring book

 πŸ–️  New York Public Library coloring book (PDF)

 πŸ–️  Free Educational Coloring Books Online - Alphabet

 πŸ–️  Coloring Pages for Children with a Healthy Message -- These coloring sheets provide a fun activity for children while promoting the important goals of healthy eating and physical activity.

 πŸ–️  Mosquito Bites are Bad -- A mosquito bite prevention activity book for kids.

 πŸ–️  Try your skills at coloring a comic book page

 πŸ–️  Amazing Me Coloring Pages

 πŸ–️  Beautiful Science Cell Imaging Coloring Book -- Color your way through 30 incredibly beautiful organic patterns inspired by actual cell images submitted by researchers around the world. True to the broad spectrum of cells and their complex structures, the pages include fantastically illustrated representations of tissues, plasma membranes, cytoskeletons, nuclei, and everything in-between.

 πŸ–️  7 Free Doctor Who Fan Art Coloring Books (Plus Bonus Coloring Pages)

 πŸ–️  Free Wally Bear and Friends Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Let's Learn About ESPs Coloring Book - NEA

 πŸ–️  The Official Coast Guard Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Free Milk Matters With Buddy Brush coloring book

 πŸ–️  The Official Spuddy Buddy Coloring Book

 πŸ–️  Check Amazon for more Coloring Books

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