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FREEBIE: 1001+ Dot-to-Dot For kids and Adults - Online and Printables

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, February 08, 2022 | 0 comments
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Imager: Desk with mug and coloring pencils | Photo by Tea Creative/Soo Chung on Unsplash

Dot-to-dot is not just for kids!

Dot-to-dot books are the latest childhood activity to return for grown ups.
The effect of the dot-to-dot is the same as the coloring-in - it can help take your mind away from your busy lifestyle.
These puzzles are known to help people relax and have the same benefits as yoga and meditation on the brain.
Neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski said these youthful activities appear to trigger memories that came with no sense of responsibility, accountability or pressure.

Visit our Dot-to-Dot Book Store: US Storefront / CDN Storefront / UK Storefront

Image: Children drawing, by Svklimkin on Pixabay A homeschooling mum from Australia has created a list of dozens of dot to dot printables sorted into sections: very easy up to very hard.

The very hard dot to dot worksheets could even be fun for adults!

She has included the number of dots in each dot-to-dot sheet to help you decide which one would be suitable for your child/student.

Dot-to-Dot and mazes activities are very educational in reinforcing counting and number recognition.

How to Use Fun Dot-to-Dot Printables

Image: Toddler Coloring at Desk | Photo by Jerry Wang on UnsplashBenefits of Dot-to-Dot Puzzles:
  • These puzzles can be used by small children to help them master hand-eye coordination.
  • Dot to dot puzzles help in improving fine motor skills to prepare young kids for writing.
  • Kids get to improve their letter formation.
  • If the dots are labeled using letters, small children learn the alphabet.
  • Children learn how to count in the right order and start to count even higher.
  • Following a sequence helps to improve the critical thinking skills of young minds like reasoning, logic, and solving problems.
  • Once a dot to dot puzzle is completed, a child uses it as a coloring page. This enhances creativity and gives more practice for fine motor skills.
Source: Dot To Dot Puzzles: Benefits and Where to Get Printable Ones?

Image: Shop by Category | Dot-to-Dot
Check out these Book Series: Dot to Dot Counting series, Greatest Dot-To-Dot Book in the World, Dover Children's Activity Books, Dover Little Activity Books, Dover Nature Coloring Book, Dover Art Coloring Book, Dot and Jabber, Polka Dot Private Eye, Baby Animals Lined Journal, Dogs and Puppies Dot Journal, Patterns and Designs Dot Journal, Watercolors Dot Journal, Dot Grid Journal, The Collector Series, and more!

Image: Dot-to-Dot Create Amazing Images: Create over 180 visual puzzles | Paperback: 208 pages | by David Woodroffe (Author), Chris Bell (Author). Publisher: Chartwell Books; Act Csm edition (August 1, 2016)
Dot-to-Dot Create Amazing Images:
Create over 180 visual puzzles
New Dot-to-Dot pages:

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Image: Extreme Dot-to-Dot Spectacular Places: Relax and Unwind, One Splash of Color at a Time | Paperback – Illustrated: 96 pages | by Beverly Lawson (Author). Publisher: B.E.S. (March 1 2016)
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Image: Kids Dinosaur Activity Book: Simple Dot to Dot, Coloring pages and Mazes for Ages 4-7 Year | Quiet Play Time Fun Games | Paperback: 81 pages | by Monarque Crown Publishing (Author). Publisher: Independently published (May 10, 2020)
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Image: Brain Games - Dot-to-Dot: More than 120 Amazing Puzzles | Spiral-bound: 160 pages | by Publications International Ltd. (Author). Publisher: Publications International, Ltd. (August 28, 2013)
Brain Games - Dot-to-Dot:
More than 120 Amazing Puzzles
Even More Dot-to-Dot pages:

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Image: Fashion: The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book | Paperback: 48 pages | by Rachel Ann Lindsay (Author). Publisher: Ilex Press (April 4, 2017)
Fashion: The 1000 Dot-to-Dot Book
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Image: Dot-to-Dot Mindfulness | Paperback: 128 pages | by Chris Bell (Author). Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Limited; Csm edition (May 15, 2016)
Dot-to-Dot Mindfulness
Thousands of dot to dot online and printables for all ages, ranging from very easy up to extremely hard...

Kindergarten Dot-to-Dots Worksheets and Printables

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Image: MindWare Extreme Dot to Dot Coloring: Baby Animals, by MindWare | Train your brain while connecting beautiful and delightful images with up to 1,400 dots!
Extreme Dot to Dot Coloring:
Baby Animals

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Image: Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge | Paperback: 64 pages | by Gareth Moore (Author). Publisher: B.E.S.; Act Clr Cs edition (February 1, 2016)
Ultimate Dot to Dot:
Extreme Puzzle Challenge
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Image: Extreme Dot to Dot Around The USA Puzzle, by MindWare | With up to 1,400 dots in some puzzles
Extreme Dot to Dot
Around The USA Puzzle
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Dot to Dots

Hard dot to dot printable puzzles


Kids games: easy dot to dot activity sheets

Connect The Dots Worksheets and Printables

Free Printable Dot to Dot Pages

Online Animals Dot to Dot Puzzle

Extreme Dot to Dots | First Dot to Dots | Dot-to-Dot and Write Words - Quick Print Worksheet

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