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Winning Ways on Swagbucks 2/28/11

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Monday, February 28, 2011 | 1 comments
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Winning Ways on SwagbucksThe Swag Party has started! There was a 7 SB code in the middle of the night, and another 10 SBs code at 10AM ET, and a 3rd code for 24 SBs at 1PM ET! With a total of 127 SBs to be given out today - we are in for a very busy day!

Lots of new Swagbucks presents & features - here are the links for more info:

Papa’s Got A Brand New Blog
- Happy Birthday to us! Some people want a new car or a new pair of shoes; for a while now, I’ve wanted a new blog, and now I’ve got it! Welcome to the brand new Swagbucks Blog – allow me to show you around...

Exploring the Swagbucks Chat Bar
- Let’s start with the basics: the Chat Bar is the blue strip running along the bottom of every page on Swagbucks.com. More than just another piece of clutter, the Chat Bar allows you to engage with your Swag Friends in new exciting ways. At the same time, it offers immediate, visual access to the entire Swagbucks Universe...

Froobi Daily Deals – FREE Swagbucks T-Shirt
- In honor of Swagbucks’ 3rd Birthday, we’re giving away an official Swagbucks logo T-Shirt for FREE at Froobi.com! These 100% cotton t-shirts have a comfortable fit and high-quality printing. The Swagbucks logo is featured prominently on the front, while the back boasts the famous Swag Bucks motto: “Be Rewarded.” Show your Swag Nation Pride and pick up one of these shirts for only the cost of shipping and handling, plus get back a Rebate of 50 Swag Bucks for your “purchase”!

Games: What Would A Birthday Party Be Without Them?
- In honor of our birthday, we’re offering very special one day tournaments where you can win big Bucks in any of our games! If you’ve never tried our games before or never entered a tournament, I would highly recommend that today be the day because we have a lot to choose from and today, in addition to the tournaments we normally offer, each game has a special Birthday Tournament where it’s only 1SB to enter and if you win, you’ll receive a minimum of 500 Swag Bucks! ...

Buy the game Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove for $2.99 using the code - swagbday - and earn yourself 200 SBs! Main page - big slider in the middle of the page.


Kathy posted - Thanks for the tips!


New to Swagbucks? Check out Swagging for Dummies - it will help you learn to 'swag'!

(NOTE - This is not my work - this wonderful Swagbucks resource was compiled by Susie Bear, along with Ashley, Chelle, Stacey, Pamela T, Pamela M, Monica, Kelsey, Danielle, Jade, Sheryl, Delene, Deanna, Kathy, King Swagfred & Jodi)


Have you collected all the Cryptogram letters yet?

We will be working on the answer today!


Lots of SwagbucksWithout spending a cent - or even doing a search - if you do everything that I post today - you will have earned 335 Swagbucks today!

In just a couple of days like that, you would have more than enough to get a $5.00 Amazon gift card (450 SBs each)!

Now, if you are able to do all of the things I post in my daily Winning Ways posts - you could earn:

Feb 28 - 335 SBs, Feb 27 - 603 SBs, Feb 26 - 414 SBs, Feb 25 - 275 SBs, Feb 24 - 480 SBs, Feb 23 - 275 SBs, Feb 22 - 548 SBs,

Total in one week = 2,930 SBs - or over six $5 Amazon gift cards

That's an average of 418 SBs per day! So - tell us - how many SBs will you earn today?


Swagbucks Special OffersIf you are having a hard time earning Swagbucks, here are some of the ways that you could win SBs besides searching and finding swag codes! Note that not everyone will have the same offers on their Special Offers walls.

Cheryl posted -
1. Tapjoy>Free>BucktoBid 14 SB
2. Payment Wall>Beat the Heartburn Heat 6 SB
3. Tapjoy>Free>Take the Real Housewives Quiz 37 SB *INSTANT*
4. GWallet>Get a Sample of Snuggle at Lifescript 11SB *INSTANT*. I only needed to submit email on first page and got instant credit.
5. GWallet>Back to School $10,000 Sweeps 7SB 15 mins. I only needed to submit email on first page and got credit in 15 mins.

Melva posted - Sygmastorm on paymentwall pays 2 SBs instantly. Not much but better than nothing.

Cheryl posted - Super Rewards>Make Intel AppUp Center your source for Netbook Apps 20SB. Took over an hour to credit. I just saved the file. I never downloaded it and finally got credit.

Meary posted - Super Rewards>Make Intel AppUp Center your source for Netbook Apps 20SB

Amanda posted - Tapjoy, second page of "free", Free Snuggle Sample, input your email, instant 31 credits, sweet!

Jo posted - There's a really easy task available for 16 SB that's just asking you to answer questions on some websites. Took me less than 10 minutes to complete.

Donna posted - Gwallet -> free -> Enter to Win a Cruise for Two! for 17. Credited instantly!

Cheryl posted -
1. Tapjoy>Free>The Burbs 12 SB *Instant* Allowed app and played game about 3 minutes.
2. Tapjoy>Free>Get an extended Auto Warranty now 25 SB Only took minutes to credit
3. Gwallet>Do you or someone you love suffer from RA 27 SB *Instant*


Swagbucks DailiesHave you done your SB Dailys yet today - for an easy 5 SBs each day? Do you realize that makes an easy 1,825 SBs - or four $5.00 Amazon gift cards - in a year's time!?

First - vote in the Daily Poll each day.
Today's question was "Be honest. What do you expect from your friends on your birthday? "

Go in and vote everyday and you'll earn a bonus Swag Buck just for voting in that day's poll. If you have an idea for a poll question, submit it to PollIdeas@Swagbucks.com. If they choose your question, you'll get 100 Swag Bucks!

Then be sure to do the following: NOSO for 2 SBs (No Obligation Special Offers), Survey Dashboard for 1 SBs and Toolbar for 1 SBs - every day!

And then don't forget to play the SB games for at least 10 SBs a day

Then watch Swagbucks TV for up to 75 SBs each day (3 SBs each when the meter reaches 100%, up to 25 times a day). What's your favourite game or video?

If you do all of the above Dailies - you will earn a total of 90 SBs each day. That alone will earn you 32,850 SBs in a year's time = seventy-three $5.00 Amazon cards = $365.00 in FREE MONEY!


Swagbucks surveysHave you checked your Survey Dashboard today? Occasionally you will have a survey to fill out. Two surveys in my dashboard this morning.

Survey #: 68949
Survey Length: 20 Minutes
Reward Amount: 38 Swag Bucks

Disqualified from both!

I have gotten a lot of surveys lately, this is unusual for me, but it's not unusual to not be able to do any of them!

Did you know we are automatically entered into a drawing for 1,000 Swag Bucks if we don't qualify for a survey?

Swagbucks holds these drawings three times each day, and you can see which drawing you've been entered in, just check the "My Swagstakes" tab of your "My Account" page.


Swagbucks CouponsSwagbucks coupons earn you 10 SBs every time you use them - so you can save money and earn SBs too! Print them out, hand them out to your friends, leave them on store shelves, donate them to women's shelters and food banks - and still earn your SBs!

Tell us how much you save - and earn with these coupons!
Here's a few I found today:

Save $1.00 On any 2 Glad® Food Storage Bags and Containers

♦ Save $0.75 On any Glad® Trash bag products, including OdorShield® with Febreze® Freshness

♦ Save $1.00 on any 2 featured Clorox® Products*

♦ Save $0.25 on any 96oz Clorox® Regular Bleach or 96oz. Clorox® Scented Bleach in: Clean Linen®, Lavender

♦ Save $0.50 On any 32oz. or larger Formula 409® cleaner

♦ Save $1.00 on any Clorox 2® Stain Fighter & Color Booster or the NEW Clorox 2® Laundry Stain Remover

Did you know that if you put in your zip code you may see more coupons? Without a zip code I found 90 coupons - with the zip code 90210, today I found 123 coupons!


And if you have money to spend:

Groupon DealsEarning Swagbucks for getting GroupOns is a happy double-bonus!

Here's what I found in my Daily Deals today - what's in yours?

$7 for $15 Worth of Asian Fare at Jade Garden Chinese & Thai Cuisine
That's 53% off! - earn 315 SBs

Two or Three Hours of Home Cleaning at Magic Assistants
That's 45% off! - earn 315 SBs

Exterior Wash, Wax, and Interior Vacuum at KA Car Care
That's 37% off! - earn 315 SBs


Froobi dealsFroobi Deals of the Day (US only)

Swag Bucks Logo T-Shirt
Price: FREE! - Get up to 50 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

Caravelle by Bulova Women's Swarovski Watch
Price: $39.99 - Get up to 450 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

From their FAQ: You will get a Swag Bucks Rebate for each item you purchase. Buy 10 of that day's item, receive 10x that day's Swag Bucks Rebate.

NOTE - make sure to connect your Froobi account to your Swagbucks account first - before placing an order, or you won't receive your credit in SBs.


What? You haven't signed up yet??

Sign up during this special birthday week and use our exclusive Frugal Freebies promo code - 3rdBirthday27 - to get 50 Swagbucks on top of the 30 Swagbucks you usually get just for signing up - for a total of 80 Swagbucks - what a great start!

Then make sure to read my daily Winning Ways with Swagbucks posts to learn how to get the most out of Swagbucks!

NOTE - This exclusive promo code will expire at 11:59pm EST tonight, February 28th - so don't delay - sign up today if you love free money!

Click to sign up to Swagbucks
(US/UK/Canada only)

I have been swagging since April/10 and here is what I have gotten FOR FREE so far with my Swagbucks:

iPod Touch - 4Gen (for my husband - $255)
iPod Touch - 4Gen (for myself - $255)
Canon camcorder ($180)
Tru-Fit dog seat harness
Petluxe dog carrier
XBox 250g hard drive ($159)
Koolatron electric cooler ($102)
Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator and Garmin friction dashmount ($109)

My Swagbucks also covered all of the taxes & shipping cost!

AND I still have
$135 in Amazon.ca gift cards, and $20 in Amazon.com gift cards. And I still have 5,324 SBs to spend!

Give us feedback on freebies. When you give feedback, you help other freebie hunters! For example, if you see a freebie listed as available in the USA and Canada, but it's actually only available for the US, or no longer available - leave a comment here or post to the
Frugal-Freebies forum and let us know.
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  1. Kim says:

    not all of the posts are available......especially for people like me who live in Canada.......most of the posts for the Special Offers, aren't avail. for me, the only two I could find were the Buck to buy & Intel Appup.....alll the rest aren't showing for me.

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