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Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | 76 comments
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This is Frugal Freebies 2nd weekly giveaway and Smashies is our sponsor today. Other companies are welcome to offer giveaways, just let me know!

Today's Giveaway is three prizes of 3.2 fl. oz (90g) fruit filled pouches of Smashies: Organic Squeezy Apple Sauces for kids! Smashies are the first Organic, no added sugar or HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) squeezy apple sauce pouches for kids. Perfect for lunch boxes, sports practices, and little hands, Smashies fit right into an active family life.

When my grandson saw them sitting on my office desk, he tried to wheedle them out of me, telling me how much he loved applesauce and that he wanted to try them. The snack pouches remind me of astronaut food, making eating good food - fun!

Click here to hear what parent and kids are saying about the line. Smashies.

Winning is easy!!
To enter to win one of these great products from the Smashies, simply follow these simple steps and leave a separate comment for each step completed. I will choose one random comment using the integer generator, so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win these great products! Only relevant comments will be accepted. Your Giveaway prize is always free, there is no entry fee, no shipping & handling fee.

1. Leave a comment about why your kid(s) would love this snack.

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Who is eligible:
You must have a Canadian or US mailing address. You don't have to be a blogger to win, just supply a valid e-mail address or sign up to, if not comfortable leaving your email on a public blog.

When the giveaway ends:
Two weeks from posting. This giveaway ends on February 3/09. I will e-mail the winner, and results are always posted here as well. If the winner doesn't respond within four business days, with contact details, a new winner will be drawn.

I am also submitting the winner info to PRIZEYWinners so, if you wish, you can check there to see if you've won your giveaway. This offers readers the opportunity to check there without the inconvenience or security risk of offering up personal emails in public blog comments.

Thank you to Sweeties Sweeps for listing my blog giveaway.

Next Week's Giveaway - Glade candle scent products!

UPDATE: We have an update to the Smashies Applesauce Giveaway!
There was a misunderstanding about the Smashies Giveaway - they sent me three samples that we were meant to try ourselves, and their Giveaway was meant to be a box of 10 Smashies.
Unfortunately, someone on their end forgot to include a letter saying so!
So the update to our Smashies Giveaway, is three prizes of one Smashies each, and adding one big prize of a box of 10 Smashies!

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  1. Why my boys would love it, well if it can be squeezed and poured into ones mouth what more can one ask for? That and the chance to squeeze at ones brother when there is a little left, yup that is a winner :).

    Thanks :)

  2. taysmommy says:

    tay would love it since mommy woulnt have to help her eat it!

  3. taysmommy says:

    I follow on twitter as taysmommy

  4. I blogged about all the giveaway :)

  5. My kids would love it because they can easily eat it without stopping what they are doing.


  6. I follow your blog


  7. Kristi says:

    there are two things that would make this good for my son. One being that it is organic, since he is hypoglycemic, and the second being no spoon, which he apparently is too embarrased to walk across his classroom and get at lunchtime.

  8. It's novel and doesn't require a spoon!

  9. Danielle says:

    My little one would not be able to toss the bowl of applesauce across my kitchen!


  10. Lindley says:

    My son would love it because he is a big apllesauce fan and we could take it to the park or playgroup-thanks!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  11. mel says:

    My kids adore applesauce and I love that it is not messy

  12. Bebemiqui says:

    My daughter loves applesauce a nd this would be a great way for me to pack it in her lunch.

  13. Sweetpeas says:

    My kids would love this, they love applesauce & this is wonderfully portable for when we're out & about!

  14. Lo says:

    My kid would love this because he loves applesauce and, picky eater that he is, he gets a lot of it!

  15. Lo says:

    I follow you on Twitter (I'm @prizealert)

  16. Lo says:

    I twittered!

  17. sara says:

    i ordered 10 & wrote about it on my blog
    can't wait to try it out!

  18. Alexia says:

    My boys would love Smashies because they love applesauce, but don't get it much because they make a HUGE mess with it. I'd love it because there would be no mess ;)

  19. jag says:

    My kids would love this snack because we are always on the go. They could eat this NEATLY while in the car!

  20. Nad says:

    My kids would love this because they absolutely LOVE all fruits, and apples are pretty up there on the favorites list!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  21. Nad says:

    My kids would love this because they absolutely LOVE all fruits, and apples are pretty up there on the favorites list!

    treflea4 at gmail dot com

  22. Kristie says:

    My kids love applesauce, so I'm sure they would love this! Plus it looks like a lot of fun to eat :-)

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  23. PS says:

    Who cares why my kids would love it, I love that there is no mess! (But seriously, Apple Sauce is a huge treat in this house! They would love it!)

  24. PS says:

    Blogged you.
    (up monday morning! Promise!)

  25. Ginny says:

    My daughter would love this, anything in a pouch is great for kids!

  26. Ginny says:

    following on twitter ~ momof2dancers

  27. Ginny says:

    stumbled your blog ~ momof2ballerinas

  28. Ginny says:

    following your blog

  29. Dee says:

    Portability and no HFCS. Perfect.

  30. My daughter will love it because you can squeeze it.

  31. I am following you on twitter now

  32. My daughter loves applesauce in general and the bonus factor of this being fun would just kick it up a notch!

  33. jeanine says:

    My boys would love it because it looks so fun to eat!

  34. There are so many reasons why this product is so cool! What kid would not want to be able to "drink" applesauce? or anything else gooey and squishy?! Parents think it's great because it's organic applesauce. This is totally a win-win situation! Sign me up!

  35. April says:

    This is such a great idea!! My son would love this because, 1 he loves applesauce, but 2 for me it is great because he always wants to try and feed himself, but at 20 months that is a HUGE mess, so unfortunately he misses out on applesauce because of that. So awesome!!

  36. My kids would love this product because they are able to squeeze it out of the container.

  37. Anything new and different makes food fun! My kids would love this product because they can eat it independently - mom doesn't need to help! Mom loves it b/c it is good for them and it leaves no mess (if used correctly!). I'm also always looking for healthy easy quick alternative snacks to put into the kids school lunches!

  38. jceko77 says:

    My kids would love this becuase they love applesauce, and this they can feed themselves

  39. Annie says:

    My grandchildren would love this because it involves squeezing stuff into their mouths lol


  40. Annie says:

    I follow Frugal Freebies!


  41. Annie says:

    I also follow Frugal Baby Tips!


  42. innisfam says:

    my son would love this because he likes to feed himself, with NO help. he tends to get frustrated if we help or if he cant figure it out.
    these are neat.

  43. Erica says:

    I love these and my daughter loves these because she can feed herself!

  44. Jayme says:

    my nieces would love this because it comes in a neat little pouch that they can squeeze into their mouths easily.


  45. Anonymous says:

    I have 5 grandkids one 2 year old that lives with me--he loves applesauce he would love the idea he could suck up applesauce

  46. It looks like something he would have eating on his own!

  47. Anonymous says:

    My daughter LOVES apple sauce! These would be great for on the go!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I purchased a package of these at Babies R Us over the weekend!

  49. Anonymous says:

    I'm a follower.

  50. Jenna says:

    My son would love this because he loves applesauce and loves to do things himself! Juice boxes are a hit, and I'm sure this would be too!
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  51. Jenna says:

    Following on Twitter! Mama_Bird
    frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

  52. My daughter LOVES apple sauce and juice boxes so this would be heavenly for her! I love them because they are organic and healthy!!

  53. Following on twitter...

  54. Deanna says:

    Organic, easy and free what more could you ask for .oh and my son would love them too.

  55. This sounds like the perfect "backseat snack" for our road trips to the grandparents! beezerly at yahoo dot com

  56. Pheobie says:

    My son would love these and is so into feeding himself right now. These would be perfect.

  57. I blogged about this on my Fantastic Friday listing at:

  58. Renee G says:

    My boys would love these. They have never met an applesauce that the didn't love.


  59. these look cute! apple sauce is a family favorite and i love the portability of this product.

  60. following frugal freebies :)

  61. following frugal baby tips :)

  62. following frugal freebies on twitter :)

  63. They would love it because they wouldn't get their hands dirty...and they hate that.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  64. Amy says:

    My boy loves applesauce, so he would love this, especially since he can feed himself. Thanks.

  65. Toystory says:

    When food is fun to eat, and nutritious - what kid would love it? Sounds like a fun packaging idea.

  66. Xenia says:

    My daughter would love these because she really likes applesauce but these are even more fun! Plus I like that they would be portable and easy to toss in the diaper bag to bring with us.


  67. lace says:

    My nieces would love these. They love applesauce and even more they love fun containers.

  68. christin says:

    my kiddos love applesauce and this would be a fun way to eat it:) thanks!

  69. Brooke says:

    I know my daughter would LOVE this! We tried it once at a fancy coffee shop and she was really into squeezing applesauce.

  70. Emilie says:

    My little boys would love this!! They are huge applesauce fans and these look like lots of fun! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I'm following you on Twitter! Follow me--I'm MamaMarcie!

  72. Anonymous says:

    I'm now following you on Twitter! Follow me at :)

  73. Dina says:

    My kids love apple sauce - and this is organic with no corn syrup! Yum!

  74. Dina says:

    Follow you on twitter (a i t m a m a).

  75. My son eats apple sauce every day! I like that it's organic and does not contain added sugar

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

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