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Free Kindle Books & Daily Deals - 5/13/12 (ALL)

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Sunday, May 13, 2012 | 0 comments
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Kindle Daily Deal: E U G E N I C SKindle Daily Deal: E U G E N I C S
-- From the very beginning they were selected. Not for their money, or for their wrongs and their rights, or for the many influences they had left upon the world.

They were selected because of who they were. Because of the very genetics that comprised their beings. They were chosen for the DNA that gave them life.

And now they must prove they deserve it...

Length: 251 pages (estimated)

NOTE: Try for free - sample the beginning of this book for free

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Kindle Daily Deal: Shadow FeedersKindle Daily Deal: Shadow Feeders
-- For millions of years, carnivorous creatures have visited earth and devastated its life forms. During the last millennium, the North American Indian tribes knew their identity. Their terrible powers. And their vile secret. A secret too horrible to be contemplated.

A rookie FBI agent, Rance Osborne, stumbles across these hideous barbarians— shadow feeders — in 1978 after his closest friend, June, and her children mysteriously disappear. Threats to murder his wife force him to abandon his investigation.

Decades later, Rance’s dying wife makes him promise to reopen this cold case and locate June, because she suspects that her friend is still alive. Now the FBI Director, Rance elicits help from his former FBI Orion Sector colleagues, Nick Bellamy, Neo Doss, and Crow. During the investigation, the three supernatural investigators become targets of these brutal, fiendish beings and their allies, vicious shape-shifting mutants created by Nick’s genius, but sinister father over 200 years ago!

Length: 307 pages (estimated)

Try for free - sample the beginning of this book for free

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FREE KINDLE BOOK: The Paragon Element (Aetheric Elements)FREE KINDLE BOOK: The Paragon Element (Aetheric Elements)
-- Aerick Kerensky is just your average boy next door. If the boy next door is secretly a sorcerer who hunts and kills nightmarish creatures the world doesn’t know exist.

Aerick works for MAGE (Mind and Aetheric Government Enforcers), a centuries old organization that keeps humans oblivious to the existence of magic. It also protects the Barrier, a metaphysical wall that separates this realm from one of wild magic and things of dreams and darkness.

But now the Barrier is failing. As Aerick is sent on his most dangerous assignment yet, he begins to suspect MAGE’s reasons for protecting the Barrier may not be all they seem. A partnership with an exiled fae princess and a visit from the legendary Merlin put Aerick on a path to discover he is more than what he knows.

Aerick’s blood might very well be the key to the Barrier’s destruction. MAGE convinced him that protecting the Barrier was the only way to save the world. Now Aerick isn’t so sure. The only way to save the world may be to pull the Barrier down and hope humanity can survive the aftermath.

Length: 254 pages (estimated)

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-- Jason clung to the wall with no harness pressing himself to the wall and trapping her safely to it.
“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly, seeing her eyes flickering in and out of focus.
“No,” she said, her face turning white.
He could feel her trembling so much and then her arms and legs gave out as she collapsed. Students screamed but Jason took her full weight with him with ease.
“Grab her harness!” shouted the instructor and when nobody moved he lunged for the slack rope himself.
Jason slung her over his shoulder and climbed down to the floor.
“Is she dead?” someone asked.
Jason was busy removing the harness from her and he looked up at the worried look on Chantal’s face.
“Everyone class dismissed!” ordered the instructor trying to get his own heart beat to slow down.
The gym cleared of everyone. Jason took one more look at the wall before closing the door. None saw the indentations in the wall made by his fingers.

Length: 662 pages (estimated)

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-- "If I didn't have a job, I might have stayed in bed until I rotted," muses Massachusetts preschool teacher Sarah Hurlihy, almost 41, divorced and dateless for two years.

She's out to change all that when she bravely answers a personals ad in a local paper, but instead gets the ultimate nightmarish response her would-be date turns out to be her widower father, something her sprawling Irish Catholic family naturally finds wildly funny.

Her oldest sister, Carol, decides the best way for Sarah to move on is to create her own personals ad, and soon Sarah's love life is lively, if not downright rambunctious.

"God hates glib," "God hates ugly" and "God hates a smarty-pants" are all standards in the Hurlihy family lexicon, but Cook employs just enough glibness and smarty-pants humor to make this tart slice-of-the-single-life worth reading.

As for "ugly," Sarah also learns some serious lessons about what the word really means and it's not a prospective suitor's nose hairs, his bald pate or his beer-belly bulge.

Length: 304 pages

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- This was posted by Catherine on May 13, 2012 -

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