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Winning Ways on Swagbucks 3/9/11

Catherine McDiarmid-Watt | Wednesday, March 09, 2011 | 0 comments
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Winning Ways on SwagbucksToday we have Monica from Swagbucks Support to address some issues that they see most commonly when it comes to referrals.

First, and most importantly, make sure that your friend is signing up through your referral link – there’s no area to enter it during sign up – you must get to the sign up page through the link. You can find your referral link here. You can always drop your referral link into an email to friends, or in a post on Facebook, or a tweet.

Another common issue when inviting friends involves using the"Invite Friends" page. You send an email to your friend using this service. They say they never got it, and our system tells you that you cannot use this feature with their email address for 30 days. It’s important to make sure that your friend checks their spam folder; very often emails get sent there because our email address has not been added to their “safe” list. The 30-day hold ensures that we cannot spam your friends with this service, which in turn ensures that we can continue to provide it. If this happens to you, you can always send them an email from your personal email account and include your referral link.

The biggest issue we see is referrals not being linked to your account. In these cases, it’s likely that somewhere in the process a step was not followed. For example, your potential referral may have closed their browser and then re-opened it and gone straight to Swagbucks. It’s also possible that they didn’t click on the proper link or enter the link properly in their browser. If you don’t see your referral on your list, and they haven’t done anything on the site, have them cancel their account and re-register using your referral link.

As always, you can contact customer support whenever you have an issue, but if you take some of the above steps first, you may never have to!


New to Swagbucks? Check out Swagging for Dummies - it will help you learn to 'swag'!

(NOTE - This is not my work - this wonderful Swagbucks resource was compiled by Susie Bear, along with Ashley, Chelle, Stacey, Pamela T, Pamela M, Monica, Kelsey, Danielle, Jade, Sheryl, Delene, Deanna, Kathy, King Swagfred & Jodi)


Lots of SwagbucksWithout spending a cent - or even doing a search - if you do everything that I post today - you will have earned 295 Swagbucks today!

In just two days like that, you more than enough to get a $5.00 Amazon gift card (450 SBs each)!

Now, if you were able to do all of the things I post in my daily Winning Ways posts - you could earn:

March 9 - 295 SBs, Mar 8 - 801 SBs, Mar 7 - 494 SBs, Mar 5 - 385 SBs, Mar 4 - 700 SBs, Mar 2 - 616 SBs, Mar 1 - 516 SBs

Total in one week = 3,807 SBs - or more than eight $5 Amazon gift cards

That's an average of 543 SBs per day! So - tell us - how many SBs will you earn today?


Swagbucks Special OffersIf you are having a hard time earning Swagbucks, here are some of the ways that you could win SBs besides searching and finding swag codes! Note that not everyone will have the same offers on their Special Offers walls.

Sarah posted - The Chicken of the Sea for 14 sb on the homepage slider bar credited instantly for me.

Hannah posted - Slider - Are you a home owner? - 81 sb's - Credited instantly. (Used my K7 phone #)

Chanel posted - SuperRewards>Search local job listings>26 sb's>credited in a few minutes
I know I've done this before months ago but this credited. Had to get through a
lot of pages but it finally credited.

Gabrielle posted - Slider>____ >27 SB. I forgot the offer name but it's a picture of 3 guys facing sideways in a blue shirt. I did everything it asked but I didnt fill out the info, once I got the info page, I exited.

Rachel posted - Thanks for the heads up for 21 on video on slider--i think that is the only offer on the last two pages here that I either have on my wall or have not already completed last month!

Chanel posted - GyroSports just credited me for 8 sb's, I did it yesterday. It's on the homepage.

Maria posted - Chicken of the sea video for 21 on the slider!!! Credited instantly!

Kimberly posted - you have to upload a video to join the line dance to get credit of the 7.

Jon posted - Check your offer walls everyday for videos. Videos are the easiest ways to earn a few extra swag bucks. Also, often time you will see a video that doesn't go away even after you've watched it and refreshed the page. That's because alot of them will let you do it more than once! It is NOT against the rules either as TSG has said before. So, whenever you see a video you need to play it, refresh then play it again until it disappears. You will also sometimes find them on the homepage or slider.


Swagbucks DailiesHave you done your SB Dailys yet today - for an easy 5 SBs each day? Do you realize that makes an easy 1,825 SBs - or four $5.00 Amazon gift cards - in a year's time!?

First - vote in the Daily Poll each day.
Today's question was "Have you ever been pranked?"

Go in and vote everyday and you'll earn a bonus Swag Buck just for voting in that day's poll. If you have an idea for a poll question, submit it to PollIdeas@Swagbucks.com. If they choose your question, you'll get 100 Swag Bucks!

Then be sure to do the following: NOSO for 2 SBs (No Obligation Special Offers), Survey Dashboard for 1 SBs and Toolbar for 1 SBs - every day!

And then don't forget to play the SB games for at least 10 SBs a day

Then watch Swagbucks TV for up to 75 SBs each day (3 SBs each when the meter reaches 100%, up to 25 times a day). What's your favourite game or video?

If you do all of the above Dailies - you will earn a total of 90 SBs each day. That alone will earn you 32,850 SBs in a year's time = seventy-three $5.00 Amazon cards = $365.00 in FREE MONEY!


Swagbucks Trivia Challenge on Facebook
Folks who play for Swag Bucks will earn between 1 – 10 Swag Bucks per successful round. For the first month that this game is live, they will be awarding a lot of 50 and 100 Swag Buck wins.


Swagbucks surveysHave you checked your Survey Dashboard today? Occasionally you will have a survey to fill out. One survey in my dashboard this morning.

Survey #:
Survey Length: 20 Minutes
Reward Amount: 38 Swag Bucks

Disqualified for working at home!

I have gotten a lot of surveys lately, this is unusual for me, but it's not unusual to not be able to do any of them!

Did you know we are automatically entered into a drawing for 1,000 Swag Bucks if we don't qualify for a survey?

Swagbucks holds these drawings three times each day, and you can see which drawing you've been entered in, just check the "My Swagstakes" tab of your "My Account" page.


Swagbucks CouponsSwagbucks coupons earn you 10 SBs every time you use them - so you can save money and earn SBs too! Print them out, hand them out to your friends, leave them on store shelves, donate them to women's shelters and food banks - and still earn your SBs!

Tell us how much you save - and earn with these coupons!
Here's a few I found today:

♦ Buy one, Get one Free – individually wrapped single-use canine GREENIES® dental chew
♦ Save $3.00 off My Cousin Vinnie on Blu-ray™
♦ Save 55¢ off one box of Lucky Charms cereal
♦ Save 50¢ off any Spic and Span product

Go check out Swagbucks Coupons to see all of the new savings available. Remember, you get 10 Swag Bucks for every coupon you redeem at your local store.

Did you know that if you put in your zip code you may see more coupons? Without a zip code I found 143 coupons - with the zip code 90210, today I found 174 coupons!


And if you have money to spend:

Groupon DealsEarning Swagbucks for getting GroupOns is a happy double-bonus!

Here's what I found in my Daily Deals today - what's in yours?

That's 59% off! - earn 160 SBs

Two Orchestra ($51) or Mezzanine ($40) Tickets at Symphony Orchestra
That's 50% off! - earn 315 SBs

One Level A or B Ticket to "Romeo and Juliet" at Neglia Ballet Artists
That's 49% off! - earn 315 SBs

$22 for a Three-Course Meal and Show at The House of Comedy
That's 51% off! - earn 315 SBs


Froobi dealsFroobi Deals of the Day (US only)

Handy Caddy Kitchen Counter Sliding Tray
Price: $6.99 - Get up to 104 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

Replay Men's Torpedo Blue Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Price: $29.99 - Get up to 379 Swag Bucks ($5 shipping)

From their FAQ: You will get a Swag Bucks Rebate for each item you purchase. Buy 10 of that day's item, receive 10x that day's Swag Bucks Rebate.

NOTE - make sure to connect your Froobi account to your Swagbucks account first - before placing an order, or you won't receive your credit in SBs.


What? You haven't signed up yet??

Sign up today if you love free money!

Click to sign up to Swagbucks
(US/UK/Canada only)

I have been swagging since April/10 and here is what I have gotten FOR FREE so far with my Swagbucks:

iPod Touch - 4Gen (for my husband - $255)
iPod Touch - 4Gen (for myself - $255)
Canon camcorder ($180)
Tru-Fit dog seat harness
Petluxe dog carrier
XBox 250g hard drive ($159)
Koolatron electric cooler ($102)
Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator and Garmin dashmount ($109)

My Swagbucks also covered all of the taxes & shipping cost!

AND I still have
$135 in Amazon.ca gift cards, and $20 in Amazon.com gift cards and $55 in gift cards on order. And I still have 2,802 SBs to spend!

Remember, Frugal-Freebies.com doesn't give out the freebies, I only post the freebies I find on the net. So to increase your chances of the freebies arriving in your mail, you could stick to the offers from the larger companies
(i.e.: Wal-Mart, P&G, Kroegers, Sam's Club, etc.). However, lots of readers post on the Frugal Freebies forum saying they can't believe the amount of free stuff they've received in the mail, even though not every freebie will turn up from the other sites posted.
Click for more quick freebie tips

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